Review Policy!

Books/Product Reviews:
We love to review new and exciting products.
We currently have a short wait list for product reviews.We will add your product to our review list as soon as the item is received. You will be supplied a link to the review once it is completed.

If you would like to submit your product for review, please email us!
Please reach out at
Like most bloggers, we here at Sparkling Reviews love receiving books/Products to review! We review a variety of books/Products and we only accept books we have an interest in. Hard copies, Paperback books and Ebooks are preferred, we are also willing to read printed off copies of books.

Are we currently accepting review books and products? Yes, we are accepting review copies and requests at this time.

Genres and Types of Books/Products we accept.

We are currently accepting all Products and Genres for review.

Series: We prefer to read series in order. If you have a review request that is part of a series, We do ask that you provide a copy of each of it's predecessors. This will allow for a more effective review.

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