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Nerdy Nails Review and Giveaway @NerdyNailStudio

Nerdy Nails Nail Polish Review

     I got the amazing privilege of getting to work with Nerdy Nails Nail Polish! I had a number of emails requesting a review on Nerdy Nails. And as always your wish is my command! First I want to give you a little bit of background on Nerdy Nails as their nail polishes are first for Etsy! 

     Nerdy Nails Nail Polish are 10 FREE! Most nail polishes contain some pretty horrible chemicals, ones that cause a number of illnesses including cancer. And they make it so pregnant women or nursing mothers shouldn't be doing their nails as the chemicals can cause birth defects! Felicia the owner and creator at Nerdy Nails made it her mission to create nail products with the least amount of harmful chemicals possible. Nerdy Nails is the first company on Etsy to sell 10 Free nail polish, which is a gold standard in polish. Their nail polish is also Vegan and Cruelty free!

          I received the Harry Potter set of polishes from Nerdy Nails as well as Tomatoa's Shiny. One thing I noticed right off is the opacity to these amazing polishes! Each polish is opaque on one coat! That's right... one coat! Even Tomatoa's Shiny which is a glitter polish, no more dab, dab, dabbing for this girl!

These are the Harry Potter Collection!

Each polish is very unique! And opaque on one coat! I did a couple of swatch tests with each polish. Then I though about it and most polishes will look great on a swatch, but will they stand up to nail art? Well being me I decided to put them to the test! 

Of course being a Harry Potter Collection, I had to do a Harry Potter themed nail art design! This design features polishes Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Tomatoa's Shiny (from Moana). I used Gryffindor for both a solid base on my 9 3/4 nail and as a stripe on my pinky and thumb nails. The Hufflepuff was used as a stripe on my pinky and thumb nails and then I used Tomatoa's Shiny as my golden snitch on my pointer finger. 

    I was pleasantly surprised at how easily these were used with nail art, as they are slightly thicker than a normal polish. This actually worked to my advantage. I was able to get completely opaque in one coat, which minimized drying times. If you have ever done nail art you know what I'm talking about, sometimes your designs can take longer to dry than it takes to complete them.

      Nerdy Nails Polish actually dries quite quickly. I did a time test and it only took about 60 seconds for a base of each color to dry! No more waiting around for 30-or more minutes for your designs to dry! I seriously cannot say enough about these polishes! I have completely fallen in love with them.

This is Tomatoa's Shiny!

     If you don't get the reference, you need to watch Disney's Moana! Tomatoa is a crab that is obsessed with everything shiny and sparkly. And Nerdy Nail's doesn't disappoint in their translation of Tomatoa. This has easily become my absolute favorite polish! Not just out of the polishes from Nerdy Nails, but out of all the polishes I have owned or tried. 

     Tomatoa's Shiny is a sliver, gold glitter nail polish with a hint of light blue sparkle. Its absolutely gorgeous! This is my go-to polish. I have used it with nail art designs, in gradients, and on its own. And every time I am sporting this polish, I have tons of compliments, and questions on where I got it. It is seriously that eye catching. I even had someone offer to buy the bottle that I have been using, because they wanted it that bad, but I am not parting with it, so I passed on Nerdy Nails information so that they could purchase their own. 


     Nerdy Nails polishes are just simply amazing! I am gearing up to make a purchase from Nerdy Nails, but working on trying to cut down my cart because I just can't decide which ones I must have, because I want them all! To get this kind of opacity from a vegan, cruelty free, and 10 free polish is nearly unheard of. I haven't had this type of performance from a polish ever. They bond great to the nail, I haven't experienced ANY chipping from any of the polishes, and they look as good on day seven as they did on day one!

Not to mention if you have a touch of nerd in you, like I do! You will love the themed collections that Nerdy Nails has available, and they are all very affordable! 


     I love Nerdy Nails polish so much, that I want one lucky winner to have a chance to try Nerdy Nails as well! One winner will win their choice of two polishes from Nerdy Nails. To enter, all you have to do is enter your information below and visit Nerdy Nails on Etsy and tell me which two polishes are your favorite! I will choose a winner on March 25th!

Good Luck! 

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  1. I think Aurora and Ursula colors look pretty nice, and would go well together.

  2. Great colours. I love the Bittersweets and Aurora's Dress.

  3. My faves are Tomatoa's Shiny and Satin Ribbons.

  4. I would pick bittersweet and icicles


  5. I like Aurora's Dress and Icicles.

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  7. I love the beautiful colors. My favorites are Hufflepuff and Tinkerbell.

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    Pokemon Sapphire 10-free Vegan Nail Polish

  9. I’d love to try Ursula & Sapphire Pokémon

  10. I like Pikachu Pokemon and Gryffindor 10.

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