Friday, January 26, 2018

Cat Lady Box | Jan 2018

Cat Lady Box is a monthly subscription box for Ladies and their Cats. Perhaps you don't have a cat, but you love cat themed items. You can get the box at a discount without the cat toys as well. So this box really appeals to the masses in my opinion. Who doesn't love cat themed items?

I personally think that Cat Lady Box is a great subscription box and an incredible price. One of the items in the box was the value of the whole box, so you are definitely getting back what you are investing.

Or perhaps you don't have a cat so you don't want the cat goodies. No problem! Cat Lady Box has thought of you as well! You can get Cat Lady Box for only $34.99 and you'll receive 2-3 items for yourself that are adorably cat themed!
Cat Lady Box is $39.99 a month and you'll receive 2-3 items for cat ladies and 2 goodies for your cat!

Check out Cat Lady Box Here:

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