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SHTF Elite Box Oct 2017

SHTF Elite Box October 2017

     I have always been a bit of a skeptic when it comes to things like the Apocalypse or the end of days, so to speak. And then I met my fiance who is a major prepper and preparer for all things that are for when Sh*t hits the fan. He travels most of the time with a BOB (Bug Out Bag) That is stocked with essentials for if anything goes wrong. 

     I have to admit that with the changes the world is seeing lately, that I am totally getting on board with being prepared in case something actually does happen. Because I am the first to admit, if something was going to happen, I am not prepared and would have to rely on someone who was in order to survive. Luckily I have someone who is always prepared, but I want to get on board with that as well. 

     Lately I have been doing a lot of work with monthly subscription boxes and when I saw the SHTF Elite box, I knew it was right up our alley. The SHTF Elite box is a monthly subscription service, that each month will send you items, that will help in the event that the Shit Hits The Fan. The box is 89.99 a month and includes items that equaled 144.88 this month. 

The items in the box includes:
* Exclusive SHTF 3 Pc collapsible flasks with funnel - 9.99
* Ridge Runner Black EDC Pocket Knife - 12.99
* Adjustable Beam LED Flashlight - 9.99
* 1mm x 18m Galvanized Wire - 1.99
* Brass Alcohol Burner - 17.99
*Gaffer Tape - 1.99
*Uniden 16 Mile 22 Channel Two Way Radios - 29.99
*Wahoo Killer OD Green Companion Knife - 1.99
Grand Canyon Meal Replacement Bar - 1.99
ABS Military Skeletal Soldier Full Face Mask - 19.99
Wise Foods 12 Serving Entree 3-Pack - 19.99
UCO Blue Micro Lantern - 14.99

Total: $144.88

Okay so we decided a review isn't a review without trying some of these items out! 

So we tried the Savory Stroganoff from Wise Foods and we prepared it as we would if we were in an emergency situation with limited resources. So we prepared it with the emergency instructions that are on the package. It came out a bit more "runny" than we had expected, and what the pictures depict. I am thinking this is due to the way it was prepared. But with that said, it actually wasn't bad at all. It reminded me of a ticker soup, like a chowder only with noodles. And the flavor wasn't bad at all, it was a little diluted, again probably due to how it was prepared as the excess fluid wasn't cooked off. But in an emergency situation, that would be a 5 star meal! The flavor was decent, and it was simple to prepare and only required a bit of water.

The Uco Micro Lantern has to be one of my favorite items in the box. Its cute and portable, and sets off a nice amount of light when lit. It easily lit up my bathroom with the door shut and lights off, I might add that I have no windows in my bathroom, so it gets quite dark in there. This lantern is light weight and very well made. It shows on the product card that this retails for 14.99, I searched for the lantern through google and was unable to find it for anything under 21.99 plus shipping. 

I am thinking that the items listed on the product card with their prices are showing the lowest prices that the company was able to find. Which I respect highly, because it shows that they aren't marking their prices up in order to increase the box value. This was a huge plus for me!

The Trailblazer Alcohol Burner. So upon reading the instructions for the alcohol burner, which is conveniently printed on the top of the burner, we noticed that it suggests using alcohol "spirits". We didn't have any "spirits" so we imper-vised with some rubbing alcohol and decided we would give it a go and see how well this little burner works and about how long it would take to boil some water.  It only took 15 mins to get a nice rolling boil to the water, this was in a 4 cup sauce pan. On the stove it took 10 mins, so I don't think that an additional 5 mins is bad considering we are boiling water using rubbing alcohol. Which by the way, has a major fume and if you attempt to do this using rubbing alcohol, please do this outside!

My Overall Reaction:

     I think that the SHTF Elite Subscription box is excellent! It has a wide variety of items to help you survive in a less than ideal situation. I also think subscribing to the boxes is a great idea especially if you are looking to build your bug out bag on a budget, or maybe have a friend or family member that is looking to. 

      With the holiday around the corner, I also think that the SHTF boxes make a great gift! Its perfect for anyone that loves the outdoors, camping or prepping. A lot of the items that came in my box I am going to be placing in my bag that I keep in my car. I live in Maine and our winters can be pretty rough. I always have a bag in my car that can get me through a couple days if needed, in case my car breaks down, goes of the road or gets stuck somehow during the winter.

I would HIGHLY recommend the SHTF Elite box, but if you're looking for something smaller. SHTF has 3 different box sizes. 

The Basic Box - 19.99/Month
The Pro Box - 49.99/Month
The Elite Box - 89.99/Month 

Order yours today by CLICKING HERE

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