Monday, January 25, 2016

Katterbok - Finally a place for those bloody plugs! #Giveaway

Finally a place for those bloody plugs!

     I have been stretching my ears over the last 6 months or so. As many of you know stretching your ears can be slightly painful but the reward is great once your finished, you have beautifully stretched ears, given that you stretched them correctly. Since I have started stretching I have been obsessed...yes obsessed with buying cute plugs and tunnels. I believe I started collecting 00g plugs when I was at an 8g. It is my goal size and I will make it there eventually (I am at a 0g), so I have accumulated a few pairs. The issues with buying new plugs is where do you put them? 

     My previous storage option consisted of a clear tacklebox that I found at Walmart. It was inexpensive, ugly and it stored my plugs. Unfortunately I also had to keep it hidden, after all ... its ugly. I also started to accumulate a larger number of plugs which would no longer fit in the tacklebox... this left me with a dilemma, where was I going to put them? Yep thats right ... I threw my investment in a drawer, I know I am ashamed. If you are a fellow ear stretcher you know, buying plugs can become an investment, they aren't cheap and you don't want to throw them in a drawer!

     I was searching through Etsy one day looking for any type of cute and practical storage that I could find when I happened upon KatterBok. Katterbok is a company that is owned by Kate Shelley. She knows her stuff! I had some questions before receiving my box and she knew exactly what I needed for storage. She explained the different boxes that they offered as well as the quantity each box was able to hold in my plug size and my want to be plug size. Also her slogan is adorable! Finally a place for those bloody plugs... I love it! Once I had decided on a box Kate sent it my way... quickly!

     Shipping was super fast! I received my box within 3 days of ordering! It came beautifully wrapped with craft paper and a burlap string. It looked like something you would order from a very high end boutique. 

I absolutely couldn't wait to get into it. When I opened the package I wasn't disappointed! Kate had helped my chose the perfect box for me. It is able to hold multiple sizes where I was not yet where I wanted to be. And it can hold 70... yes 70 pair of my goal size, along with 35 pair of another size plug... currently I have both 2g and 0g plugs in that sheet. My Katterbok holds three foam sheets that protect your plugs. Each sheet holds your plugs firmly in place, if you watch my YouTube video below you can see that you can shake the foam sheet and your plugs will stay in them without slipping or falling out.

     If my plug collection grows enough in the future that I require another box for storage I will be going to Katterbok. Katterbok is very affordable! All of their boxes range from $30-$50. Each box is unique and absolutely beautiful and is made to fit your personal plug storage needs! Finally a storage box that you don't have to hide in a drawer!

    Now for the moment you've been waiting for! The GIVEAWAY! The only requirement to enter is to head over and subscribe to our YouTube Channel! You can get extra entries by visiting KatterBox and/or telling me your stretching story... this giveaway will go until 2/8/16 with options for daily entries :) As your prize you will win One KatterBok of your choice from KatterBox on Etsy!

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  1. I have had problems getting this comment to show up so I hope it works! Even if I don't win, I will likely buy a box myself since I have been looking for something like this forever! I am currently at a 0g and am going to start taping up to a 00g. I already have about 30 plugs in a 00g.

    CrazyFishLady aka CrazFishyAshlee

  2. Thats awesome! These boxes are amazing! I will probably purchase a couple more myself. I am at a 00g ... what an exciting journey it is!


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