Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Green Tree Coffee & Tea

Green Tree Coffee & Tea

     First off hello! It sure has been a long time since we have seen each other! I have been insanely busy with work, and getting healthy. I had a procedure almost a year ago now that caused some complications with my health and it has taken time to heal. In that time I took a bit of a hiatus to concentrate on my health. Now that I am on the mend and doing better its time to come back and I have missed the blog and all of you! On the bright side with the time I have had off I have thought of new companies to review, blog giveaways and more! There are exciting things in the future for Sparkling Reviews!

Let's get to the fun part! In my time away I have found a love for loose leaf teas. From surgery I have built up a lot of intolerances to foods and drinks so I have turned my attention to more natural options. For my drinks I have been drinking an insane amount of tea. Loose leaf tea is kind of hard to find near my town where I live.  Luckily in order to meet my ex-husband for my daughters weekends with him, I found this little gem! 

Green Tree Coffee and Tea in Lincolnville, Maine. It has a delightful rustic charm, right down to gas lanterns outside their front door. When you walk in, its as though you are transported to a country cabin. Its warm and inviting! The staff is knowledgeable about the contents of the store and are super friendly. They are like talking to a friend you haven't seen in years. 

They have a large selection of loose leaf teas and coffee. They also have local goods such as granola, honey, and chocolates. Lets not forget the amazing biscotti that is made by a local lady just for Green Leaf! You can't get it anywhere else, and it will be the best thing you have ever tasted! When I go in I have to grab at least 3 bags! Its one of my favorite treats. 

All of the coffee and teas are self serve. You grab a little white bag and start "window shopping" the teas. Each tea is in a labeled container with a little silver scoop in each. You can grab as much or as little as you'd like. Then you weigh the bag and place the weight on the bag for them to check you out when your finished. I also find it useful that on each tag it will also tell you what that tea is good for... relaxation, colds ect. 

Upon making the tea you can tell that the teas a fresh. I must admit I have never tried their coffee before, mainly because I can't get passed the tea. As I said I am a major tea drinker. I start my day with tea and I finish it with tea. Their selection makes it easy to try different teas each time. There is a huge option for different blends and types of teas. They even have a kind called fortune cookie... it takes like a liquid fortune cookie! 

Beyond teas and coffee they also have a great selection of tea pots, coffee presses, tumblers ect. There is something for everyone and a great place to get a unique gift!

Luckily if you aren't from Maine, or not planning a vacation anytime soon you can still order from Green Tree off of their website. If you are able to make into the store, make sure to hit their coffee bar! They have specialty coffee and tea drink options including a Au Cafe Lait, which is extremely authentic. It reminds me of the same Au Cafe Lait that I had at a tiny cafe when I visited France. It is hard to find a place that makes an authentic Au Cafe Lait, and once you try one its like you are transported to a little cafe in the south of France.

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*Disclaimer* ***These photos were taken from Google, they do not belong to me in anyway shape or form. No compensation or product was supplied for this review, I just really love this company and think more people should know about it!****


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