Friday, January 16, 2015

Juneberry Bags Review

      Let me start by saying that this review is way... WAY overdue. Apparently I completely space shot everything the original day that I wrote this review and when I went to publish the post, it saved to my drafts because there was an HTML error. I immensely apologize to the owner of Juneberry Bags - Natalie because this is inexcusable.

     When I first came along Juneberry Bags, Natalie was having a Kickstarter campaign. The minute I watched her presentation video... I was hooked. I absolutely love the concept. Its a purse, a messenger bag and a backpack all in one bag. How is this even humanely possible right? In concept this is the perfect bag! But to sweeten the pot a bit, you can even change the canvas... yes thats right CANVAS!!! cover. WHAAAT?!? It truly is something completely unique.

     Natalie sent be a complete set, including 3 covers. Each purse starter set comes with a nice heavy duty canvas base bag, the base bag is a deep brown and has three inside pockets. Two slip pockets and a pocket with a zipper. It also comes with handle attachments for a regular over the shoulder purse, backpack drawstrings, and a long adjustable messenger bag strap. The three covers I received were Red Foliage, Stems and Lace , and Classic chocolate sketch.

     All of these prints are amazing, and go with every outfit you can possibly imagine. These aren't the only designs though. Juneberry bags now come in 10 different designs! The possibilities are seriously endless.

     I have now used my Juneberry Bag for approximately a year! I have used this as my sole purse, I absolutely love it, and I am constantly getting compliments on it. I occasionally change the cover, but the awesome part is, I don't have to transfer anything over to a new bag. I just casually unzip the base bag and slip on a new cover, zip it into pace and I am ready to go. 

    I also really love the multiple options on how to carry the purse. I keep the extra handles in a pocket inside the purse, that way when I am out and about and feel the need to change the style to a hands free option I can. This has come in very handy at fairs, and being out with my 4 year old. When I am attempting to carry way too much, or when my 4 year old is requiring more than one hand, I can easily switch to either the backpack or messenger bag. I seriously feel that I have found the perfect purse / backpack / messenger bag and luck just has it that its all ONE bag. A Juneberry bag. 

     I would recommend this to anyone that carries any type of bag. I have suggested this bag to family, friends and co-workers. And if I feel confident enough to suggest this bag to my own mom, then you know it has to be amazing! I honestly believe that everyone needs a Juneberry bag! And they are very affordable. For 39.99 you get the base bag and a sleeve cover of your choice! How awesome is that?!? For less than a tank of gas you can get an original purse from Juneberry and have 10 options of design. I always suggest getting more than one cover, because you'll want to change it often when you do. Additional covers are only 16.99 when you buy the base bag or 18.99 alone. When is the last time you could buy three bags for $40? 

Disclaimer: This item was supplied in exchange for an honest review. All pictures were supplied from the Juneberry Bags website.

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