Saturday, January 3, 2015

Healthy Surprise Review and #Giveaway

     A lot of you may be wondering what Healthy Surprise is. Healthy Surprise is a monthly subscription box that features healthy and delicious snack options. For the classic box, which features 15+ delicious snacks the monthly subscription cost is $49. While you are paying a little bit more for this box than most subscription boxes, you will not be disappointed! This box includes a lot for the price.

      I received the Classic box to review, which arrived at my house only 3 days after ordering it! So shipping time is amazing, especially if you are in need of a last minute and original gift. Upon opening the box I was very impressed! There was a thank you/ gift message right on the top and underneath all of my goodies were wrapped in tissue paper. It was like getting a beautiful gift. You could tell that the lovely people at Healthy Surprise took extra care when packaging the snacks. They were neatly stacked and organized vs just being thrown in the box. 

We received 17 total snacks, some where full size, while others were a single serving size. There were bars, chips, kale chips, dried plantains (which were out absolute favorite), two popsicles, which my 4 year old gobbled right up! (you need to freeze these!) , some pumpkin seeds, and much much more. All of the snacks were delicious and FRESH! I didn't get to taste the popsicles as my kiddo called dibs on them, but she loved them so I am assuming that they were amazing! (She's very picky!)

Overall Impression:
I LOVED Healthy Surprise! It takes all the guess work out of trying to make the proper snack choices, gives you an opportunity to taste a great selection of goodies, and is an affordable price. Not to mention this would make the perfect gift for that hard to buy for person in your life. And with all those "Get Healthy" New Years resolutions this year, why not start off on the right foot? 
I personally would purchase this for myself in the future, as well as for family. I highly recommend Healthy Surprise!

They are also offering a 30% off promo when use the code SMARTSTART

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