Sunday, December 21, 2014

Comparison, #Review and #Giveaway

     I am not shy to the nail art world. I love having cute, fashionable and perfectly painted nails, but in reality... not many of us can accomplish this look flawlessly! I am one of those people. My issue is that I spend, sometimes hours trying to accomplish the perfect nail art, which includes a crazy amount of dry time, not to mention an insane amount of time perfecting your design ... and then this happens! 
     All of that time spent... is basically just a huge waste of time! Not to mention I am a mom! There are three things that are horrible for moms when it comes to nail art. 

2.It's Expensive! (You need tools, decent polish etc)
3. Nobody got time for that!

Over the last few years I have ventured into the crazy world of nail wraps. While some are great others really stink!

Jamberry Nail Wraps -Price: $15 Sheet
 They are great for people that have the time. You have to heat the adhesive, which can actually cause a lot of damage to your nails (I learned the hard way!). There is never a perfect fit, either part of your nail is showing or you have to attempt to expertly trim the wrap so that it fits your nail with no finger nail showing and no over hang, while also not hitting your cuticle. *Sighs* This takes forever! and the results aren't always perfect. But they do seem to last about 2 weeks when applied correctly. Just be so careful removing them, as they will take the top layer of your nail with them, leaving them cracked and rough.

Sally Hensen Gel Wraps- Price: 14.99 a box
I thought these were going to be my blessing from the nail gods.. I was mistaken. I purchased two boxes of the Gel wraps, which come with a nail file, orange stick, the gel wraps, and a gel top coat. You need a UV light to cure these to your nail. The nail polish wrap itself is very hard to apply, if you don't have it perfectly lined up when you place it on your nail, your out of luck! They are very thin and removing them to reposition rips the polish wrap. You have to take time to apply the gel top coat very carefully, its super thin and if it hits your skin and you don't notice, it will cure and adhere your skin to your nail.. very uncomfortable! Not to mention it is 30 seconds per nail to cure... thats on top of the time you spent putting on the nail polish wraps. And after about 4 hours... you guessed it! They completely peeled off. 
*I reiterate ...Nobody got time for that!*

     Essie Sleek Stick Nail Wraps- Price: $11 at the drugstore
                 I got mine on eBay for $1 a package!
  I got these assuming I would need to cure them, much like the Sally Hensen wraps, but you don't! Huge time saver. I applied them to my nails in under 10 minutes from start to finish. They look professionally done. There is no heating, no gel top coat, and they are uv cured for you already! They have a nice shine, and come in more conservative colors. You won't find anything wild and crazy here. There is zero dry time and no limitations!  I put them on and within 10 minutes was in the shower... They didn't even budge. I have used lotion, dealt with nail polish remover (for my 4 year old) and at work I constantly have my hands in water. They have stayed put! They also work amazingly for really short nails! * I recently had to cut mine off due to damage caused by Jamberry nail wraps* So far I have had these on for about two weeks and they still look amazing, with the exception that my nails are beginning to grow out a bit. Removing them also will not damage your nail! They also have the perfect sizes, to fully cover your nail without any trimming! Huge time saver!

These are the Essie Sleek Sticks that I used, I plan on using more and getting a variety of designs! Essie Sleek Sticks are by far the easiest and best nail wraps I have found. 

I absolutely love these wraps for winter! It looks like icicles to me :)

Essie Sleek Sticks in Steel The Show!

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