Friday, July 18, 2014

Plexus Slim Review

Plexus Slim

I received a 7 day Plexus Slim Trial pack in exchange for my honest review.
All of us have had that time in their life where they thought they needed to lose that extra 5 or 10 pounds or more. Personally I am on a weightloss journey, I have 50lbs to lose before Decemeber due to a heart issue I have. I am not overly overweight but have set this goal with my doctor to reduce the stress on my heart. 

Those of you that have never tried Plexus, Plexus is a pink powder that you add to water and drink once a day in conjunction with a supplement, which also comes with the Plexus kit. I went into this review completely skeptical... I have tried many different diet options and though some may work for a short amount of time... they aren't a lifestyle changer.

Upon trying Plexus my first reaction was that it doesn't taste very good! Some people compare the taste to Crystal Light, but I drink a lot of Crystal Light and this tastes nothing like it. Its super sweet to start and then has a bitter after taste, like when you get a tylenol stuck in your mouth and it starts to disolve. YUCK! But where you only have to take it once a day, I suggest making sure its crazy cold ... and chug chug chug! Its not something to savor. 

I have taken both the pink powder and supplement for 7 days now. At day 3 I checked the scale and had gone down 3.2 ponds. At day 7 I checked the scale and had gone down a total of 8 lbs. Now the strange thing is I don't feel any different, my clothes still fit the same... maybe its water weight? I am not overly sure, but the scale doesn't lie. 

For the bad?
Plexus tastes horrible! And I would take my powder and supplement at the same time each day as the instructions stated, I took mine around 9 am. Around 10 I would have a HUGE energy boost, but come 3pm I crashed and hard! I mean if I were idle for any amount of time, I would dose off to sleep... Not good! I did not like the feeling that I was just sooo tired... still functional but tired. 

I did lose weight, I am unsure where, but I did lose some. So in that aspect it does work... how long it will progressively help you lose weight? I am unsure, there are so many mixed opinions. It tastes so badly, and you crash majorly in the afternoon and at a $120 price tag per month... I am unsure if this is a route I am going continue to pursue ... I will need to think it over, with both pros and cons. 

Have you tried Plexus? Let me know what your experience has been...


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