Thursday, July 10, 2014

Jamberry Nails Review and Giveaway!

Sooo long time no see everyone in bloggisfere... I have missed you immensely! I am so exited about this review and giveaway. I have been mildly obsessed with the way my nails look for ... well... years. Getting your nails done is fun... but its also super expensive. In this day and age who has $40-$60 to get their nails done every week, or even more often if they chip? Not me... and if I did... I wouldn't want to shell out that cash if I had another option.

I have started using Jamberry Nails this year, and I have fallen in love with the product so much, that I actually signed up as a consultant to sell them as well. What is a Jamberry wrap? Jamberry nail wraps are completely different from any other nail wrap out there right now. It is an adhesive vinal that gets heated and applied to the nail (not hot enough that it burns). They last for 14+ days on fingernails and 4-6 weeks on toes!! That's just insane! Not to mention the wraps are Non-Toxic!

Jamberry wraps come in a series of styles and colors... over 300 to be exact! So there is something for everyone. They even have wraps for little fingers, called Junior wraps. They are perfectly sized for your kiddos little fingers. I love doing my daughter's nails but it always rains true that with nail polish they end up messed up before they are dry, the great thing about Jamberry nails? No dry time! So no mess!

I love all the options that they offer! And you no longer have an excuse not to do dishes (oh darn!). Jamberry nails stick with you through swimming, gardening, cleaning, even dishes! They don't fade or peel off and they won't damage your nails when removed. 

They are also perfect for nail biters. I can give an honest testimonial to this one! I was the worst nail biter ever! I used to bite my nails until they were so far down that they would hurt and burn for days! A Jamberry consultant approached me and told me that she had my solution... I laughed! I honestly thought there was nothing that would stop me from biting my nails. Since the first time I put on Jamberry nail wraps I stopped biting my nails! They were so pretty that I didn't want to. Now it has been about 7 months from the first time I used my first set of wraps and I have yet to bite my nails! In fact I have to cut them down from time to time because they are getting to long. 

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  1. my favorite print is the vintage chic

  2. Those are beyond adorable! I love that they are supposed to be nontoxic. I HATE the smell of fingernail polish so rarely use it. I can just feel the brain cells disintegrating. ;o)

  3. Art Class is perfect for me!

  4. My favorite design is Punchy Puff - and also I joined your group as Jessica Palmer, but typed my group page in there (Delight In Nails). Sorry!


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