Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Kair Review & Giveaway

Kair Review & Giveaway

So are you ever getting your kids into the shower only to hear the following complaint? Mom, I don't want the water in my eyes... or Mom, there's soap in my eyes?

Well, thankfully Kair thought of that when they created this nifty visor like product. My son Hates yes capitalized there... HATES, getting his eyes wet and its the end of the world if no tear shampoo hits his eyes...

I was randomly viewing my facebook page one day and saw this neat visor, upon further inspection a light bulb hit. So, without wasting anymore time... I messaged them and was quickly sent a green visor to test and review. I am so so glad. My son couldn't wait to get in the shower to try it out upon hearing what it claims to do which is block the water and soap from running into your kids eyes or if you have a toddler.. letting the water run off the back of the head instead of the front.

Made to fit any size head from that of your 6 month old, your 12 year old or yourself this super squishy visor with air filled insert is a great addition to any shower or bathtime. Comes in Green, Blue and a Pink/Purpleish color.

I know both my boys will no longer get cleaned up without the help of the Kair Bath Visor. What an amazing product.

Not only were they amazingly nice enough to send me a copy but you get your chance for one to.

All you have to do is fill out this rafflecopter entry form, liking Kair and checking out there website.. to enter yourself. Leave a blog comment letting us know what you think is so neat about this product.

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