Thursday, December 13, 2012

Just Taping Around Review and Giveaway

     This is an old time favorite... re-vamped. Ani creates art out of duct tape... yes you read correctly... duct tape. Just Taping Around is an Etsy shop with nothing less than imaginative creative whimsy. Ani , the shops owner, takes duct tape and creates bi- fold wallets that are works of art. 

     Ani got started in an interesting way... a school project. Ani's daughter's class had an assignment to create a business, they had to make and sell an item in the school store. So Ani and her daughter started searching and found a youtube video that showed how to make duct tape wallets, well Ani decided to take it a step beyond a simple wallet and cut out images , out of the duct tape, to create something innovative. Needless to say they completely sold out of the wallets that were sold in the school store and her daughter came home with a list of requests, the rest is history.

Ani sent me five of her wallets to review. Each unique in its own way. 

Each wallet features card slots, a large bill slot and a clear window for an ID.
I also found the clear window very neat... it also is made of a clear duct tape!

     Each wallet from Just Taping Around is made 100% from duct tape. There is no special interfacing or plastic added, even the images are cut from duct tape! All images on the wallet are also sealed with a clear duct tape so that they will last as long as your wallet does. 

    One thing that makes these wallets stand above others are they are unique, each wallet is made by hand and with loving care. Attention to detail is easy to see in these wallets. Each card pocket has a beautiful boarder of coordinating duct tape, all the duct tape and compartments are even, and all images are placed expertly on the wallet and then sealed in place. 

     Another awesome aspect is that these wallets are so affordable! You can get your own duct tape wallet for only 8.00! Making these a great gift... All you need to do is get a gift card, place it in one of the slots, and wrap it up! (one of the things I'll be doing this year!) It gives the giftee a great one of a kind gift!

    As far as customer service goes... Ani shines! She is excited and personable. She is like talking to a best friend you've had since kindergarten, She takes a lot of pride in her wallets and is excited about each and every one of them, and she will make you excited to receive it as well.  She ships everything quickly and everything looks professional upon receipt.

    So this holiday season... give your loved one exactly what they want! Something original, freaking awesome and one of a kind, and don't break the bank doing it!


Ani was so nice and wanted three lucky winners to have the chance to win a wallet of their choice!

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  1. These are darling!! I've seen the idea before, but nowhere near this cute!! Thanks for sharing the purchasing info!

  2. Oh, I so would love this one!

    Really, it is really an awesome idea to make these with duct tapes!!! I use them in notebooks, but this is just freakin' awesome <333

  3. The PInk/Gray/White Argyle Duck Tape Wallet is the one I'd get.

  4. I would get the spotted leopard wallet.
    (Melissa T. in rafflecopter)

  5. I like The Riddler Duck Tape Wallet.

  6. I liked the cheetah print Hello Kitty wallet. It's too cute.

    It is a good idea for a gift. :)

  7. Those are adorable! Duct tape seems very popular right now.


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