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Dell Cove Spice Company Review and Giveaway

     I had the great pleasure of working with Patricia and David the owners of Dell Cove Spice Company. And by great pleasure I mean the pleasure was all mine. Patricia and David are the type of people that you wish you could deal with when dealing with any company. They are friendly, approachable and love any feedback that you would like to give them on their products. All things you hardly ever find in this day and age. And you know all those pesky questions you have? They don't mind answering them, and they don't make you feel like you are putting them out by asking them. 

    Dell Cove Spice Company carries a number of different spices to spice up just about anything you can think of. They literally have something for everyone, I knew exactly what I wanted to try from their shop when I saw it!!! Popcorn seasoning! My family is are huge popcorn nuts, its our go to snack at anytime. Well thanks to Dell Cove Spice Company, my movie night made me a rockstar! 

      All the items I received arrived beautifully packaged. Something I would be proud to give as a gift, but if you need special wrapping Dell Cove Spice Company is more than happy to oblige, and you can select that as an option in their shop. 
     All the items I received came in cute little resealable tins. Great for reusing! They are full to the top, when I say this I mean it! Be careful opening them because they are so full, Dell Cove Spice Company wants to make sure that you are getting as much as possible for the money you spent. Which is amazing! Each tin is good for about two large amounts (4-6 cups) of popped popcorn. It is also so easy! All you have to do is use 2-4 Tablespoons of butter in a small sauce pan and two Tablespoons of seasoning and melt the seasoning in the butter over medium heat and then pour it over your popcorn! I guarantee you will never taste anything like this in your life! I am not ashamed to say I sat and ate an entire large mixing bowl of Margarita popcorn by myself.... and you know the Kettle corn too!

     Out of all the seasonings I got I found 4 that I am absolutely in love with and will be purchasing more of once I run out. The Kettle corn, Margarita, Gingerbread and Pizza. The Kettle corn is everything you expect it should be, sweet, salty , buttery and oh so delicious. What makes it even better is you can eat it while its still warm... YUM!
     The Margarita is sweet, with a touch of lime tangy-ness! You get that touch of saltiness, that you would get from the lovely rim of your margarita glass. Its amazing how they were able to capture the flavor!
     Gingerbread... warm and inviting! This actually reminded me of my grandmothers gingerbread that she used to make during the holidays! It's sweet and warm, the flavor is unparallelled to anything that I have ever tasted before!
    Pizza- OMG who doesn't love pizza? I know I do. Whats also great about this, is it doesn't taste artificial, like many pizza seasonings do... thats because there is nothing fake about it. It has everything in it that you would get on a pizza! Cheese, tomatos, red paper flakes mmmm! Whats also great is you can use this in other recipes! Which I did with homemade saltine crackers! They came out amazing!

      Dell Cove Spice Company was also so great and sent me a variety of their gourmet popcorn! They have the ultimate one stop shop! You can get everything you need for a great movie night or maybe for a Christmas gift? They have a great number of different popcorn ranging from Black Pearl to Amish (your movie style popcorn). It offers a great opportunity to try new styles of popcorn in a number of flavors!
      Maybe popcorn isn't your thing? I don't know why on earth it wouldn't be... but maybe its not. (tisk tisk.. just sayin!) Dell Cove Spice Company also has a number of bbq and rub seasonings... maybe for the man in your life? They all have comical names but sound amazing! Imagine your baby back ribs slow cooking to perfection after being rubbed down with Southwest Chipotle dry rub... I am salivating as I am writing this! That sounds so delicious!

     So weather you want to be the rockstar of movie night, need a delicious and beautiful gift or you want to try something new and exciting... Dell Cove Spice Company has what you need. They will not disappoint. Whats even better is everything they send you, comes with instructions! I am a little embarrassed to say but I had never popped popcorn on a stove top. But you know that's okay because with the included instructions, it was fail proof!.


David and Patricia wanted to make sure that you got the chance to try something to!

Magnetic Spice Rack!
Dell Cove Spice Co.'s magnetic spice kit - filled with 6 different spices - makes the perfect foodie gift for someone who loves to cook and wants an attractive focal point for their kitchen! Dell Cove Spice Co.'s magnetic canisters will stick to anything metal - a steel panel on a wall, a wall painted with magnetic paint, the door of a refrigerator, even on an oven hood!

This is for 8 food-grade magnetic spice tins – which means they’re safe to put food into – with labeled clear tops so you can see the spices you're reaching for!

The spice rack includes six organic spices that every chef needs:

- basil
- oregano
- thyme
- red pepper
- tarragon
- our organic garlic pepper blend (a staple for everything from soups to grilled fish)

The last two spices will be a mix of the most fresh ingredients - and more exotic - that we have, to get people's creative culinary juices flowing!

The spice rack comes with recipes and is packaged in a gift box, tied with a pretty ribbon, and ready to give as a gift.

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