Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Whitewater Soap Company Review and Giveaway

I have recently worked with Annette at Whitewater Soap Company, who is just the sweetest person to work with. Quick responses with answers to any question I had. A real pleasure to work with.

She sent me a sampler pack of items which was just a huge variety of items I was shocked to see everything.

Lotions In The Following Scents:

Christmas Collection - Spicy Orange and Cranberry,
Peppermint Cream, Spearmint, Gingerbread, Sugar Plum,

Blueberry Muffin, Strawberry

All these lotions have a nice scent, nothing to strong or to weak and is a nice lotion as well, doesnt leave a greasy finish.
Made in both Soy Lotions or Paraben-Free Lotions

Showers and Body Washes in the following scents:

Sweetie Pie, Orange Creamsicle, Love Ya, Crisp n Clean and Strawberry

Sweetie Pie is my absolute favorite I will end up buying this as my new Shower Gel!

Crisp n Clean was used by the hubby and he enjoyed the crisp clean smell without anything to sweet or floral.;postID=52520799169239216

Soaps in the following Scents

Sweetie Pie Loofah Pedicure Bar - A treat for your feet!
With a slice of loofah embedded, a layer of skin softening
 oatmeal, and scented soap, this is a pedicure scrubbing
 pad that is sure to soften the rough spots on your feet --
 cracked heels or dry skin.

This is just an amazing product  a awesome smelling soap with a loofah in the soap this works great to clear the dead skin from your feet leaving it soft and smooth, who doesnt want soft feet.

Pumpkin Pie Bar

Doesn't this look edible?  Smells great as well, helps soften the skin and leaving a nice scent behind.

Oatmeal Scrubby Exfoliating Facial Bars
Mint Julep Shea Butter Bar
Tangerino Shea Butter Bar

Other Items I was Sent

Fruit Twist Fizzing Bath Powder
Soothing Eyelid Serum
Lemon Lotion Bar
Lemon phospate free laundry detergent
Simply Gentle Moisturizer

Every product was beautifully packaged and arrived intact. Laundry soap left a soft lemon scent on the clothing even days after it had been washed ( i fully enjoyed that as lemon is my favorite) 

A fantastic company to work with and one to continue using. Thanks Annette for sending such amazing products my way.

She has sent a adorable gift set for you amazing followers
 1 container of Pumpkin Pie Lotion
1 Pumpkin Pie Bar Soap
Soap Dish

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