Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Review - My Crochet Garden

Winters Coming, so what better than finding that new stylish hat and scarf for this cold season. I got to work with Sharon from My Crochet Garden.

You can tell immediately that Sharon takes pride in her work. She handcrafts the items for each customer. Customizing as much as possible to there needs and wants. Colors, patterns etc. She is very precise as to figuring out what you need.

I was very pleased from our initial conversation right through to the very end, she let me know there were additional color choices to the product, when she planned on getting it shipped, when she got it shipped and it arrived gift wrapped. How amazing to have a product sent with it being gift wrapped and saving you some time.

I got this set which included an adorable hat with an infinity scarf listed on her etsy site as Crochet Slouch Hat and Infinity Scarf Set in the eggplant color, its a soft set, with thick crochet work and you can just tell it will keep you warm during those super chilly days. I personally can't wait for the first snowfall now, just to see how warm.

You can find items such as hats, scarfs, baby photo props, jewelry and much more over at her Etsy Site My Crochet Garden. I would fully recommend working with Sharon at her shop, I don't see you regretting the decision. 

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