Thursday, November 8, 2012

Review and Giveaway - Hylands Health

Thanks to Hylands Health, I received an assortment of the products, With fantastic quick response from customer service and super fast shipping.

The first product we tried out, thanks to everyone in my house was the cold medications. The Defend Adult Cold Liquid quickly helped Matts nose clear right up and on his way to feeling better.

The teething tablets and gel are fantastic as well, as it seems to be some of the only product we can get our 1 year old to use with some sort of reaction. The teething tabs of course are all natural making you feel more at ease that your not over medicating your child. They quickly dissolve in the mouth before your child can really spit it out. Seems to also calm the nerves and pain enough to get him to relax and sleep or at least stop his fussing.

The Kids Cold Liquid also helped giving you the choice of both daytime and nighttime liquid. My 7 year old seemed to enjoy the taste of the medication and it quickly helped his sinuses clear up and relax for bedtime.

I highly recommend Hylands Natural products for you home. They will continued to be used in our home for many years to come seeing they offer products for all ages.

Hylands has so graciously offered to send you one lucky follower a gift box of products to try out as well. Your only requirement being liking there facebook page.

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