Sunday, November 11, 2012

Review and Giveaway - Jewel Of The Lion

Julie from Jewel of the Lion has recently has recently worked with us at Sparkling Star Reviews, sending me 4 flavors of her delectable fudge, that was to be put simply delicious.

I requested the following flavors:
Grasshopper Pie
Chocolate Covered Cherry Cheesecake with Oreo Crust
White Chocolate Raspberry and
Peppermint Candy

WOW, not only do the pictures look delicious, they were delivered quickly, arrived looking just as beautiful. Julie is easy to talk to and on the ball with her responses. The fudge was beyond amazing and came not only wrapped in nice packages, but vacumm sealed packages as well for freshness. Her products all come with information as to what each one is.

My dad tried the Chocolate Covered Cherry Cheesecake with Oreo Crust on his way to bring me my package, sad to say I was a bit disappointed ONLY because he finished that whole piece before i could get some.  He however, and I quote " It was the best fudge I have ever had" made me :( cause I really wanted that flavor.

OK,  so finally I got the package missing a piece, non the less I stared having a hard time picking which one to eat first.
Next up the Peppermint Candy, by that point my whole family is home so the kids wanted a piece to, delicious chocolate with a great peppermint flavor there is no skimmping on this peppermint flavor from this  fudge which is great I ordered Peppermint Candy I expected to taste it, this did not let me down.

Third we tried the White Chocolate Raspberry, I love raspberry so this fudge called out to me a smooth white chocolate taste a nice swirl through the fudge that blended well. Again not a single complaint by anyone in my family (not something that happens often)

Lastly we tried the Grasshopper Pie, OHHHH yummmy the crust on the fudge just added an extra pow of flavor and a nice crunch I only shared three little slices on this one, got to pretty much savor the flavor of it myself no complaints on that.

Each Fudge was beautiful on display as it was while it was being cut continuing to look beautiful.

So remarkable easy to work with and delicious Fudge as well as delicious sounding other baked products as well.

To Check out Julie please go to her Etsy Page ,
Facebook Page 

Julie has so graciously offered another person a Pound of her amazing Fudge. Please check out what you could win at this link

As well as 15% OFF  for any purchases you make by entering in the coupon code of JEWEL.

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