Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Babbling Brook Review/ Possible Giveaway

I love it when I have the chance to work with great stores on Etsy.com. You always get a personal touch and lots of friendliness. Babbling Brook Soap is no exception. Babbling Brook Soap is owned and run by Pat. Talking to Pat is like talking to an old friend. Always willing to help and answer your questions.

Babbling Brook Soap is vegan friendly and uses no animal products or petroleum products in their items. So you can rest assure that everything used in your soap is natural and good for your skin. Each bar is packed full of goodness, both in scent and essential oils! 

I have been using Babbling Brook Soap for a little over a week now, and have been using it without using lotion and have used it strictly alone. I have not experienced any drying in my skin and have actually noticed an improvement as far as moisture in my skin goes. 

I bake and cook a lot! I always have something going on in my house and am always washing my hands... they tend to dry out quite easily, but not with Babbling Brook Soap! 

I received 3 bars of soap to review! 

Mango Coconut - a delightful scent of mangos and fresh coconut. It is a medium scented soap and unlike some bar soaps, the scent will linger on your skin for a while. Out of all the scents this was my favorite, mostly because I love mango and coconut together and love anything that has a sweet scent to it. This soap definitely delivers that and more!

Gardenia - a soft floral scent that will have your inner southern bell standing up to take notice. This soap also leaves a nice light scent on your skin. I was getting compliments everywhere I went about how good I was smelling... funny thing is, all I had used was this Gardenia soap! Fabulous!

Spearmint Orange- This soap reminds me a bit of the holidays. When I was younger my grandfather used to carry around those little spearmint pinwheel hard candies around the holidays. Its a bit stronger than the other two scents but spearmint usually is. My favorite use for this soap has been to get the scents of food off my skin after cooking. I can't stand when you have been mincing garlic or onions and no matter what you do you can't get that scent off your skin. After cooking I used this and it took all traces of onions and garlic out of my skin... this is by far my new favorite kitchen companion! 

Pat wanted you to be able to try Babbling Brook Soap as well so she offered all followers a free shipping promo! Enter HOLIDAYS2012 at check out to get free shipping on your order.

If you order anything from Babbling Brook Soap make sure to save the link to your purchase... why? Anyone making purchases from featured shops will have a chance to enter a giveaway that will be up tomorrow for a $50.00 Amazon Card!  

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