Tuesday, October 9, 2012

SodaStream Review and Giveaway

I had the amazing opportunity to review a SodaStream soda maker. SodaStream generously sent me their Genesis SodaStream unit with a 12 sampler pack, and 8 regular sized flavorings. It came in a nice gift-able box that features the unit itself and SodaStream logo's. In the box there was the Genesis Unit, 2 Soda Bottles and a C02 Tank. The extras that I was sent were housed in separate packages from the unit itself.

I obviously couldn't wait to try out this amazing device, so like an impatient kid on Christmas morning, I tore right in! Assembly was a breeze... The Genesis comes in two pieces. The Base and the top. After screwing the C02 tank into the top of the unit, all you need to do is slide the tank down into the base and snap the top on. You can tell it is secure because a little button will pop out once it has firmly attached. Now I was off and ready to try some yummy soda!

I read the instructions ... very thoroughly. Overall though its very simple to use. I filled one of the soda bottles up with tap water to the very prominent fill line. I then attached the bottle to the Genesis by screwing it into place. Then pushed on the top button... not once... not twice... but three times until I heard the quite loud buzzing noise to let me know it was done carbonating. Then you slowly lift the bottle towards the front of the unit to let out the built up pressure before unscrewing the bottle. Add your favorite flavoring (I chose Root Beer!) and tip gently... do not shake!... from one side to the other until well blended.

We used our root beer to have some root beer floats! I couldn't tell the difference between the Sodastream root beer and the root beer that I'm used to paying an arm and a leg for at the grocery store. It had the same great flavor and is available at a fraction of the cost!

I would recommend the SodaStream to anyone that is a lover of soda or carbonated water. They offer water flavorings as well! You just can't go wrong with the SodaStream. I look forward to making many more bottles of soda and maybe test with different flavorings.


Okay now for the good stuff! The people over at SodaSteam not only generously sent me a Genesis unit, but they also wanted to make sure that one lucky winner got to try the SodaStream as well! So they offered to giveaway a Fountain Jet SodaStream Starter Kit to one winner.

The Winner will win the unit pictured below. You will also get your choice of Red, White or Black for the color of the unit as well as pick 3 regular sized flavorings of your choice. All you have to do is enter below. Make sure to check out SodaStream.com to pick out your favorite flavorings and let me know what they are in comments... its a mandatory entry!

Open to the USA Only

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