Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rehabulous Review and Giveaway!

I got the great pleasure of working with a fantastic Etsy store this week. I got to work with John from Rehabulous. They have a great selection of soy candles, some you can even get in alcohol scents! And shockingly enough they actually smell exactly like the scent chosen, which surprised me a little bit

Normally when you get a candle regradless of the scent, you end up with commercial, fake scent... yes you know what I'm talking about. They claim it smells like one thing, then BAM... nope you end up with a candle that you are completely disappointed in and it leaves its unwelcome scent in your house. You aren't going to get that with Rehabulous

I received two candles from Rehabulous. One was Chardonnay and one was Cabernet. Both candles came in green wine bottle bottoms. A beautiful display. No more trying to hunt up those candles jars... you know you placed under the sink but can't find there. Every candle comes in its own jar!
The Chardonnay had a delicious fruity scent and the Cabernet had a sweet grape scent. Both very delicious smelling, and exactly what I thought it should smell like. What I like even more is that these candles are highly scented. So even when they aren't lit you can still smell them, which I think is amazing. You don't even get that with one of the more mainstream companies that you end up spending a small fortune on buying your candle. 

All of Rehabulous' candles are soy and free of artifical coloring!  You can get them in a variety of alcohol related scents as well as some normal scents. And the store owner, John is always more than happy to help should you have any questions. 

I know many people that love candles, and needless to say, what adult wouldn't want something beautiful, unique and smells amazing this holiday season? I know I would... No more gift cards for me. I know some people on my Christmas list this year that will be getting some Rehablous candles!

John wanted to make sure that one lucky winner got the chance to try out his amazing candles. And has offered a very generous selection of 10 candles, available to one winner. It is worth a $150.00 value! Look at the scents below...YUM!

1 Beer scented candle in Corona Bottle
1 Cola scented candle in Coke Bottle
1 Cola scented candle in Coke Bottle Toppers
1 Warm Vanilla Sugar scented candle in Grey Goose Bottle
1 Pumpkin scented candle in green wine bottle
1 Cabernet Scented candle in green wine bottle
1 Root beer scented candle in Stewarts root beer bottle
1 Chardonnay scented candle in white wine bottle
1 Peppermint bark scented candle in green wine bottle
1 Amaretto scented candle in green wine bottle.
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*** I was not compensated for this review, the review and my opinion are my own***
***All photos belong to Rehabulous*** 

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