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Cake Face Soaping Review and Giveaway

Okay so this review is going to start out with my extremely boring back story... yes you have to read it... it will better help you understand the benefits of Cake Face Soaping

Growing up I had amazing skin, I had no issues with acne, scarring, random breakouts, blackheads ect. My Skin was delightfully smooth, with the perfect balanced skin tone type, no oiliness or drying. Well as you get older things change and the skin god decided to hand me a large screw you, in the skin department. When I was 23 I had my beautiful, lovely child... good bye nice skin. For the last few years I have struggled in finding the perfect fix. I get blackheads on my nose and chin and occasional breakouts. I have sensitive skin, so needless to say that cleanser and horribly harsh cleanser my skin would dry out or the breakouts would get so much worse.

That is until I found my skin Goddess... Kelsey. Kelsey owns Cake Face Soaping, and has perfected natural skin care. I contacted Kelsey in the hopes that she might know what was going on with my skin... and she did... hormones... oh yes...hormones. When you have a child your hormone balance changes, she said. But she had the perfect cure. She sent me a sample pack of a few different masks and scrubs and told me that she was sure this would fix my issue.. I'm not going to lie, I had the "yeah right" moment, but what did I have to lose?... She was right.

I used 3 masks, 3 different days. 

Day One: Detox

Everyone needs a Detox right? Well think about all the things your skin goes through just by stepping outside... all the dirt and dust and harsh weather... not to mention I am one of those people that is constantly touching my face! I was old no no no don't do that by Kelsey, aapparently it's incredibly bad for it. This mask reaches into your pores and takes all the nasty out. It cleans out the dirt and tightens your pores to keep the bad out and keep the good stuff in.

Day Two: Wonder Mask
The Wonder Mask is made from Kelp! Yup that green stuff sound in oceans. It also helped majorly with all of the redness my skins was experiencing from the breakouts and me picking at my face cause I couldn't leave those pesky blackheads alone.

Day 3: Caffeine Mask

The Caffeine Mask is meant to rejuvenate your skin and helps your skin with new cell growth. It also makes your skin smoother and softer than you will ever experience! 

After each mask I also followed a tip from Kelsey to apply her Facial Moisturizer while my face was still damp, immediately following using each mask.

The Facial Moisturizer is made up of a couple essential oils, and smells amazing. Kelsy can also adjust the moisturizer to your skin type, just let her know if your skin is a little on the oily side. After applying this to my face, I worked it in for a few minutes and then patted away the access with a dry towel.

After the three days of doing this I have noticed unbelievable results. My skin is less red, I have barely any blackheads left, and I have actually had family and friends comment on how my skin has that "healthy glow" and asked how I did it. 

Your skin will thank you after you try some of Kelsey's masks. But here is the thing... Cake Face Soaping doesn't only sell Masks, they also sell soap, toners, moisturizer and more, all at a reasonable price. 

I know that after my week with Cake Face Soaping products, I am noticing a huge positive change, my friends and family are asking for my secret (which I'm more than happy to share) and I will never go back to those harsh chemicals that destroyed my skin. I will be sticking with Kelsey and Cake Face Soaping from now on.

Kelsey was so awesome and is incredibly friendly. She offered one lucky winner the chance to win a full sized mask! an 18.00 value!. If you wonder which one to get... check with Kelsey I am sure she will know exactly what you need for your skin type. *whispers* A tip from me? Get the moisturizer too! Its amazing!

***I was not compensated for this review, the review and opinions are my own***
***All photos belong to Cake Face Soaping***

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