Monday, April 30, 2012

Coming Back Within a Bang!

      So The blog has been offline for a bit while we set up some re-enforcements from all the lovely hacking that happened to the blog and a couple of my other accounts linked to the blog ... like Twitter. But now everything seems to be up and running just fine and I am ready to come back with a bang! What better way to come back than with an awesome giveaway? So I have decided to do a series of 4 giveaways throughout the day. All giveaways range from 2000.00 to 13000.00 in price range. Everyone that follows the blog is eligible to win.. all you have to do is enter. If you are under 18 please check with your parents before entering. All giveaways are international!

     All giveaways will be speracticly placed throughout the day. The first giveaway will be posted after this post. I will also drop some hints on what the next giveaway will be. If you guess correctly, you will get an extra 100 entries in the giveaway that you guessed! So stay tuned and you can guess as many times as you wish. Good Luck in winning :)


  1. Mary you are so awesome!! I am glad you are back on the blog :) I mean I see you on twitter but you don't review there lol ((HUGS)) hope no one tries anything silly this time!!

  2. Glad you r back. Hope you have no more problems. guess is playstation3

  3. Hi! I was wondering...Glad to see you again:)

  4. Ugh, sorry to hear about all that hacking! What a drag. Fun giveaway idea though! ;o)


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