Friday, March 9, 2012

About ME, Rants and other things

About ME!

I do this occasionally when I receive enough emails that I get fed up reading and replying to. I always get emails asking about who I am... That's easy... I'm me. 

Like most blogs, you may have noticed that I don't feature an About Me page. I do that purposely. I didn't forget to add it, I honestly didn't and don't see the need for one. Most people if they want to know more about me, hit me up on Twitter. Which most of you have at one time or another connected with me on. (I have a Twitter addiction!)

The truth is ... I'm not trying to hide who I am, I just don't find it overly relevant to the blog. Yes I am a blogger, I do have a life that has nothing to do with blogging, and for the most part my personal and blogger life don't over lap each other.... This is also done purposely.  I like being able to just blog and not have to worry about personal things or offending anyone when I do it. 

I also understand your need to know more about me. I am a little guarded with things about myself for one main reason... no its not you... its the internet! I don't like posting my life on a website. I think the internet gets too involved with everyone's everyday life, and for the most part... it doesn't end well. No one should know the in's and out's of someone's everyday life. So I keep most of my personal things... to me.

So here is my about me page. You want to know some things about me and here they are. I am loud, opinionated and I don't care what most people think, I love food! and carbs are my friend! My thighs agree! , I am a little OCD about certain things, and have strange little quirks... like most people do. I love to read, and get lost in those books, for whatever time it takes to read that book, I can escape reality... I think thats something everyone needs to do now and then. I have a gadget addiction...phones...tablets...ereaders... I can't help it! I believe that caffeine runs through my veins. I think everyone should speak their mind... even if someone gets hurt, at least its out there. I have a tendency to babble... on and on. When I am nervous I can't make eye contact, but find it to show someone is lying or not trust worthy if others won't make eye contact with me. I am full of double standards! I don't think what is good for the goose is good for the gander... because you aren't me and i'm not you, so how can something that is good for you be good for me and vise versa? I am a huge glass is half empty girl... I am a huge pessimist. I trust blindly and a lot of the time it comes back to bite me in the ass. I swear like a trucker! Its a trait that I really dislike about myself, but not enough to change it. Even though most of these things drive me, and a lot of other people crazy... I wouldn't change them, because its all that stuff that make me ... me. 

I don't feel its anyone's business if I am single and I really look down on rude and explicitly suggestive emails and more than likely if you sent me one of those, you won't get a reply. 

You read my blog because you like the reviews. You like the giveaways, and you like how I run the blog. Running this blog includes leaving my personal life off of it, unless it somehow effects the blog. I don't mind answering blogging questions, review questions, or just shooting the shit with any of you. I do however mind when that crosses the line, and lately I have been getting ...disturbing and suggestive emails, that I am not okay with. Those people will get blocked. I don't have any tolerance for it.

Sorry this went from an about me to a rant...

In short... I don't have an about me page... my blog isn't about me... its about the books and products I review and the giveaways I host. I pour a lot of me into it, but it isn't about me! So even though I don't have an about me page, and most of you don't have a face to put with the name... you all already know me, there is a piece of me in every blog post. I'm Mary... from Sparkling Reviews!


  1. Amen!

    I agree about people putting too much personal info out on the internet. I have family who never answered personnal emails from me and when I asked them about it the response was to get a facebook page and they would answer. They don't have time to check their emails. WHAT! Time for facebook but not personnal emails? I don't want personal messages on facebook! I don't email, chat or anything with them. I only have a facebook account to access product sites, book reviews and such. I'm not even active on my own page!

    I can appreciate your reasons for no "about me" page.

  2. Fabulous 'about me' post/rant.


  3. Love it! Completely understand where your coming from

  4. <3 the honesty and you are so right it's about your reviews not you :) I stalk you on twitter every now and again if I need to chat. You are so great and run a fun blog people don't need every detail of your life to know that!!

  5. Okay, seriously we should be internet buddies. I curse like a sailor and always *Always* see the glass half empty. Loved the rant.

  6. Lol I felt like applauding after that last line! It's been nice getting to know you, Mary. I'm similar in the way that I am very pessimistic, though I wish I wasn't. But it's safer to expect the worst because then you're never let down. And I also think people should speak their minds, but I don't. I'm too nice to speak my mind... my mind is a mean place to be sometimes lol

    Shae @ Understanding Shae's Story

  7. *thumbs up* Seriously I agree 100% I've had people tell me I need a picture & an about me page on my blog & I'm always like "Why? What purpose does it serve my BOOK blog? It's about the books not my personal life." I also agree with you about too many people sharing too much stuff online... In the end though, I say to each their own. If they want their personal life all over the interwebs that's their business, but it doesn't mean others have to do the same. *end mini rant*

  8. I feel that we are very similar people Mary! We should talk more on twitter, although I swear sometimes, it's def. not like a trucker :) I have checked out your ebay page a couple of times and you sale some interesting stuff. I wish I had more money.
    Sorry it sounds like your getting pestered with emails, that's kinda crappy.
    It was nice getting to know you better though!
    twitter @cubicleblindnes


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