Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Simply The Best

     So being a reviewer, I get a ton of email. Yes most of them are review requests and random tidbits about the blog but within the last 6 months or so I have had a lot of you asking me what I thought the best products are. You have asked about so many products from iPhone's and iPad's to baby items. And you also want to know where you can get the best deal on these items.
     Just to let you know I do the majority of my shopping for anything and everything online. I prefer Amazon, because you can find just about anything and you have the option of getting it from other sellers to maximize your savings, which is always an important thing. Below I have highlighted a lot of the products that I own that I can just not live without. They also have links to where you can get them and the best price possible. So lets get started.

The Gumdrop Series cases for the iPad 2 are amazing if you have kids. It has two layers of protection. An inner hard plastic with a built in screen protector and then a silicone outer layer to protect your iPad 2 from falls. I mainly purchased this case because I wanted to protect my iPad 2 from my 2 year old but still wanted to allow her to use it to play educational games on it. It has yet to lets us down, and it has been thrown and chewed on!

The iPhone 4 is a great phone but is prone to shattering when dropped. Depending on your carrier you are going to spend 100.00 and up for your iPhone 4 , don't you want to protect that investment? I personally like The Survivor case which comes from Griffin. It resembles an Otterbox style case. It is going to add a significant amount of bulk to your phone but it will also protect it from just about anything. Nothing gets into your phone, and all of your ports are covered as well. Griffin has a number of colors that this case comes in and the cheapest place to get it? Amazon. 

I received some Tommee Tippee cups a little while ago to review. That was almost a year ago and many other brand sippy cups have come and gone due to leaking, breaking and what not. The Tommee Tippee sippy cups are still intact, they don't leak and have been thrown around like no ones business. They are also easily my daughters favorite sippy cup. What I like is that they are also made so that no matter how long she uses the Tommee Tippee cups they won't mess up her teeth as they grow... thats always a plus!

I know... I know there are so many Kindles out these days. But the Kindle Keyboard is by far my favorite. It comes standard with with keyboard and both 3G and WIFI. It may not be the flashiest Kindle out there but I have had the opportunity to test and try all the current Kindle devices and it remains tried and true... The Kindle Keyboard is my favorite Ereader! 

The best tablet was so easy for me to answer. My favorite tablet (and believe me I have tried many) is by far the iPad 2. It is thin and light compared to most out there. It has an excellent platform that I love and there is never a shortage of apps and accessories for it. And it is pretty well priced... it falls about in the middle of prices on current other tablets out there. 

So you asked and I told... these are my favorite items right now. This just shows you... anything you want to email me about and ask...I will always answer your questions and if it is a popular question you will probably see it appear on the blog. So don't be afraid to ask!

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