Monday, January 16, 2012

A Racket Upstairs Review and Giveaway

I had the great pleasure of working with Valerie, the owner of A Racket Upstairs. Its a great Etsy site that helps you organize the chaos you may feel couponing. I have seen a lot of people get into the couponing scene these days, some people even get a bit of a high off of how much money they can save using coupons. With our country in a little bit of a downfall these days, I decided to try and jump on the band wagon.

I recently got into extreme couponing, but between you and me... I was a little scared. I had never even clipped a coupon before, sadly its true. I watched the TV show Extreme Couponing and lets just say its a little bit intimidating. These people have everything organized, and when going into a store they know exactly where to go and what to buy as well as the right quantity to buy.

I had many people inquiring about this new fad, and I must admit I was a little bit curious. So I went through websites, I bought 10 newspapers every Sunday, clipped coupons. Strangely I just wasn't saving money like the people on TV. I wasn't even close to achieving that.

That is until I spoke with Valerie from A Racket Upstairs. Valerie agreed to send me a coupon binder kit to review. I was at my wits end attempting to figure out couponing and all I could think of was why not what do I have to loose right?

I received the Coupon Binder in the mail and was off! Valerie had expertly laid everything out that I needed to know. She had a fail proof method of couponing. Her kit explains how to get the most bang out of your buck, and how to maximize your savings... She also mentioned that some stores with double coupons to a certain point. I had no idea that this was even a possibility.

She included everything you could possibly need. Even down to the envelopes to sort coupons to the store. In the kit it explains the importance of having a plan when going to the store. So I planned out my trip... I knew what isles I needed to go to and the sales that were going on at my local grocery store. I took my coupon binder with me... you know just in case I found something I couldn't live without and maybe had a coupon for.

My coupon binder came with amazing coupon pockets to organize all your savings... and they are gorgeous to boot. Valerie takes a beautiful piece of scrapbooking paper. Colors and patterns vary. She places it in a plastic cover and actually sews the pockets herself. This gives the entire kit a beautiful touch, and no one will have one quite like yours! I love that it feels like it is mine and mine alone.

Needless to say on my very first shopping trip my grocery bill came to 736.19 (I almost had a heart attack!) ... after using Valerie's plan that is included in the coupon binder, and many coupons I spent a total of 56.89. I was floored! I have never gotten that many groceries for that amount of money and nothing I tried before worked. It was the plan that I received in A Racket Upstairs coupon binder that helped me save that much money.

You can tell that Valerie loves what she does. It shows. Everything is perfectly organized and the coupon pockets are amazing beautiful. She definitely knows what she is doing... It is like getting a walk through from a money saving guru!

 If I could give it a Million stars... I would! This system has saved me so much money...

So do you want to save money? Lucky for you Valerie is going to help one lucky winner get started with 10 beautiful coupon pages! Just enter by filling out the form below and make sure to visit A Racket Upstairs on Esty!

Everyone that purchases an item from A Racket Upstairs with be put in a separate giveaway for a $50 Gift Card to a local Grocery Store near you.

(U.S. Only Please)

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  1. Great website. Thanks for the introduction to it. Anything to save money is awesome!

  2. Anyway to save money I'm game! I just hope I can save as well as you did Sparkling Reviews. :)
    DeAnna Schultz

  3. Aww, this is so cool! Would love to win :) Thank you!

  4. Ohhh I'm really excited for this! :D

  5. Valerie is a friend of mine. I have bought 60+ sheets from her. I LOVE them. They make my life so much easier and I love how different they are from all the others. I have been using mine for months and the pages are very durable :) I give them a million stars and recommend them to all couponers :)


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