Friday, December 9, 2011

FALALALA Giveaway: Sony Bloggie Duo

FALALA Giveaway!
Enter to win a Sony Bloggie Duo in White!

Bloggie Duo Camera

Double trouble
Sporting a 2.7-inch screen on the back and a 2.0-inch screen on the front, the Bloggie Duo makes self-recording a snap.

Self-recording made easy

We all love to extend our arm and take fun pics of ourselves with friends. With the Bloggie Duo, you get a live view of what the lens sees. The full-color, 2-inch screen proves to be very convenient.

Finding faces

Face Detection technology recognizes faces and optimizes camera settings for both video and still images, so faces are captured more clearly and look more natural.

Easy shooting. Easy sharing

Now you can record and share those must-see moments easier than ever. Every Bloggie captures HD video and fits right in your pocket. Best of all, uploading your videos to the internet is a cinch.


When fun happens, your Bloggie is there. Shoot life's must-see, must-share moments in beautiful high definition.

Full HD 1080P Video
Capture beautiful, 1080P video in the web-friendly MP4 format, perfect for uploading to sites like YouTube. The handy HDMI out even lets you watch videos on your HDTV.

Auto-Macro shooting and 4x digital zoom   
With the Bloggie Duo camera you'll be able to take pictures or video from as little as 4-inch away, perfect for capturing a business card or a new friend's phone number.

Sony Exmor CMOS sensor for high-quality video/stills   
The Bloggie Duo camera's  Exmor CMOS sensor delivers  high-quality video and pictures with less grain, even in challenging lighting conditions.

Built-in rechargeable battery   
The built-in battery contributes to the Bloggie Duo camera's sleek and stylish design while powering the large 2.7-inch screen and camera functions.
Built-in LED Light   
The Bloggie Duo camera features an LED light that can assist in low-light situations giving you more flexibility when capturing your video.

Razor Sharp Stills
Capture up to 12.8-megapixel stills with impeccable detail for cropping shots or large prints. You can even use the Dual Record feature and simultaneously take pictures while shooting video.

Image Stabilization
Got shaky hands? SteadyShot image stabilization technology is built in to help reduce blur, making your videos and photos look even better.


Once you've caught the magic on your Bloggie, it's time to connect your compatible Mac, PC or HDTV where you can do so much more.
Built in USB Arm
No cables needed. Just flip out the built-in USB arm and connect directly to your computer. It charges the camera, too

Share it Later
Tag videos and images on your Bloggie while on the go and mark them for upload to your favorite internet sharing sites the next time the camera is connected to a computer.

Just connect an HDMI mini cable (sold separately) and you can enjoy video from your Bloggie on your compatible HDTV.


Why keep the fun to yourself? Connect to your world and share your experiences with friends and family.

Share Privately
Save the good stuff for your inner circle. Personal Space by Sony gives you free private sharing with friends and family when used with the built-in Bloggie software.

Share Publicly
Using the built-in Bloggie software, you can share your videos and photo with a few clicks. The Bloggie makes posting to your favorite social network sites a snap.

I am made of plastic and have various values, I also have many designs. I am available at most stores... what am I? 


  1. This is a great prize.Thanks for the giveaway.

    There is no hint for tomorrow's giveaway

  2. Just updated with the hint for tomorrow... so sorry guys, I completely forgot.

  3. This is #1 on my wishlist!!! Fingers crossed!

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    My guess for tomorrow is gift cards.

  6. My guess s gift cards.

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    :D This is so much fun!!
    Mary DeBorde [M.A.D.]

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  9. Gift cards!
    Another fabulous giveaway :)

  10. I would love to win this. I make Youtube videos to go along with my reviews and this would help so much. Thanks

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  26. Dont know if we're supposed to write out answer here, but I'd guess gift card :) Thanks so much!

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  27. I think it would be a gift card... maybe. Lol. I could be so off. But thanks for the giveaway (again!)

  28. Hi! I'm Jenni. Popped over from another blog today and am in awe of your massive giveaways...How fun! *fingers crossed!*

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