Thursday, November 17, 2011

Smartphone Challenge and Giveaway!

I find it insane as to how much we have come to rely on computers. So I am presenting a challenge to anyone following or any new comer that would like to accept. I want you to give up your computer from the date you sign up until Dec. 15th. You have to rely solely on the graces of your smartphone for all of your internet needs. This includes blogging! I will be taking the challenge as well and will be updating my blog using the iPhone blogger app. If you are able to complete the time using your smartphone instead of your computer you will be entered to win a prize along with everyone else entered. 

What You Need To Do
* Write a blog post letting your readers know about the challenge and what it entails. 

* Come back and link your post below.

*Update via blog about how things are going using your iPhone, you can do this as often as once a day. Come back and link the post and you will get an extra entry. (you can use the computer to enter your links, just not to post them.)

One winner will receive a new Kindle and a $25 Amazon Gift Card to build their new Kindle library.
So Get on those Smartphones and enter now!

It ends on Dec 15th ... just in time to receive it by Christmas!


  1. What if you DON'T have a smartphone?

    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

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