Tuesday, November 1, 2011

EdenFantasys Testimonial 11/1

It's been a little while since I have done an EdenFantasys testimonial so I thought what better than today?
As you may know Edenfantasys.com is a great retailer of sex toys. But they have way more than just sex toys, They also have sexy lingerie, massage oils and candles, bath and body items... they even sell towels now! I mean how many companies that sell sex toys also sell towels and lingerie? Not many that I know. But more than that Edenfantasys is also very discreet. You will NOT see the word sex toys anywhere on the package during shipping or on your credit card statement. It appears as Web Merchants, so as far as anyone knows you were just shopping online.

I am a stickler for customer service, I have extremely high expectations and am very disappointed if even one of my expectations are let down. I have never been disappointed with Edenfantasys. Everyone is super helpful and they don't get upset when you ask a ton of questions... in fact its encouraged! 

Edenfantasys.com also has a great community where you can talk to people just like you! The people that talk on the forums are like everyone else, you won't find any 'weirdos' here! They are moms, teachers, construction workers, engineers, health care workers ect. Anyone that answers questions is unbelievably respectful, it will be like talking with a friend!

It doesn't end there! EdenFantasys also has a blog! EdenCafe! You can go there and find out things about both new and old toys, great posts by other members of the EdenFantasys community and enter to win some awesome goodies!

No matter what your need, you can fill them all at EdenFantasys.com

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