Saturday, October 8, 2011

Witches Hate Vampires Review

Author: Jennifer Hampton
Publisher: Indie
Release Date: March 28, 2011
Source: Nook

Tasmin McCaw is not your average human. In fact, she’s Witch. She made the discovery when she was twelve. The war with Russia has become so corrupt, that it’s robbed man of their humanity. Tasmin’s family fall victim to the wrath of ruthless soldiers. They've come to deploy the men in her family onto the battlefield. They remove her father and only brother from their home, but that’s not all they wanted. The night turns tragic when the soldiers decide to attack Tasmin and her mother. However, Tasmin’s wrath is a bit more intense than the soldiers anticipated. Tasmin is an adopted child and she’s a descendent from a very powerful bloodline of witches. Tasmin’s power strikes tragedy on the soldiers and saves her mother.

Now, as refugees, Tasmin and her mother must flee to The Dark Coast where prosperity reigns. A place where the world is ruled by constant cloud cover. A place where Tasmin will never see the sun. The one place where rumors circulate that creatures like her walk the lands. However, Witches aren’t the only creatures that roam the Dark Coast. Tasmin encounters a very arrogant and powerful Vampire named Adrian. For the first time, Tasmin’s powers, her humility, and her rage will be tested. Witches hate Vampires, but Adrian has fallen in love with her. Can her feelings surpass the loathing for the one creature Witches have grown to detest?

  Tasmin is a witch with extraordinary powers. When she was a baby she was left on her parents doorstep with nothing but a necklace tying her to her birth parents. When Tasmin was 12 soldiers came and took her brother and father from the family, and before leaving they raped Tasmin's mother, and were going to rape her as well but she had so much anger in her that it killed all the soldiers that were in her room.

Now Tasmin and her mother are headed to the east coast. They have great hopes for their new lives. Instead of bouncing around from place to place, they will finally be able to settle in. Tasmin's mom has found a job house sitting for some wealthy people and she also found a job doing receptionist work. For once things seem to be looking up... little do they know that something strange is about to happen.

While taking pictures of a spider up in a tree (it's kind of her thing, they understand each other) Tasmin spots a man below the tree feeding on a deer. When the branch that she is on breaks she falls right into the man's arms. He introduces himself as Adrian and he is a vampire. Slowly they begin developing a relationship that begins leading to stronger feelings. Nothing can happen between them tho... it's a law that witches and vampires can't be together. Witches hate vampires.... or do they?

This was a great story about love and loss. You can feel Tasmin's pain that she has had to live with for so long. The pain that was thrust upon her by the soldiers and from being an outcast, never being able to fit in because of what she is. That is until she meets Adrian who accepts her for what she is... and he loves that. Adrian attempts to make Tasmin's pain go away, but only Tasmin can do that, she just doesn't know it yet. 

Everything about this book called out to me. It really is a little bit tragic and with Halloween around the corner nothing is better than vampires and witches! This was a very quick read. I finished it in an hour and a half to two hours. I did notice that there are a lot of grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes, which did bother me a bit, but I didn't let them distract me from the story. I will be adding more books from Jennifer Hampton to my delicious indie author pile in the future!


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