Friday, October 7, 2011

A Werewolf In Manhatten Review

Author: Vicki Lewis Thompson
Release Date: January 4th 2011
Publisher: Signet/ Penguin Group
Source: Nook Book

Emma Gavin writes about werewolves, but that doesn't mean she believes in them-not until a pack of real-life New York weres decide to investigate the striking accuracy of her "fiction".
When Aiden Wallace, son and heir of the pack leader, tries to sniff out Emma's potential informant, he discovers something even more dangerous- an undeniable attraction to her. 

Emma Gavin is a best selling author. She makes her living off of writing romance novels about werewolves. Not that they are real or anything like that, but she has been getting creepy emails from a guy that is claiming he is a werewolf and would love to get his hands on Emma. 

Aidan Wallace is the crowned prince of the Wallace werewolf pack. He has been given the duty of watching over Emma ever since her books raised some red flags. The pack thinks she may have a source telling her things about werewolves. No one can be that accurate with no reliable source... or can they?

Aidan is a huge fan of Emma's he owns, and has read every single book she has written, but even more than that her scent is driving him crazy. Not that he can act on it though, he has duties as a prince that keep him from mating anyone but Nadia, a she-wolf that belongs to another substantial werewolf family. Merging the two packs is important and Aidan is going to keep his word to his family... even if it costs him his heart.

The minute Aidan hears about the email that Emma received he offers to do some investigating to help figure out who is sending them to her. It's exactly as Aidan fears... a rouge werewolf that is ready to expose all werewolves in order to get to Emma, even worse is that he is next in line to be alpha of a very prestigious werewolf family. With Emma going on tour and with Aidan bound to protect her.. he will be accompanying her on her tour. This trip is going to test both Aidan's loyalty to his pack and if he is willing to risk his heart...

I am in love with this book. Right from the get go you get pulled into Emma's life as a writer and how Aidan has been watching her from afar. I could tell from the first few pages of the book that this was going to be a deliciously fast paced book. Not once was I bored with the story line and never did anything feel rushed or cut short. You can tell as the book progresses how Emma and Aidan are beginning to form a really strong bond and how much they care about each other. 

The author didn't skimp on anything. Everything is very well described in fantastic detail, I could envision exactly how everything was meant to look, right down to Aidan's expensive and flashy watch. I loved how the two main characters were always hitting heads because Emma is so stubborn. It made for a funny and engaging read. 

This is a book geared for the 18 and over crowd, just for a heads up. There is a lot of explicit sex scenes, which when reading the book are perfectly placed. I just think if you are teen reading this review you may want to choose a different book due to the sex scenes.

Overall I wish I could have given this more stars but...
Its all I've got!


  1. I absolutely love Vicki Lewis Thompson, but I haven't gotten my hands on this book yet. I'm sooo glad to hear it's good!

    Angie @ Pinkindle Reads & Reviews

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