Monday, October 31, 2011

Great Hexpectations Review

Author: H.P. Mallory
Release Date: Oct 28, 2011
Publisher: Indie
Source: Author/ Barnes and Noble
Rating: 5 Stars!


A misunderstanding turned deadly.
A fairy in law enforcement who won't stop until the truth is uncovered.
A vampire who seems to be her ally but appearances can be deceiving.
And a partner who would put his own life on the line to defend hers.

Dulcie O'Neil knows she's at fault for failing to arrest a wanted criminal but when her partner gets pinned for the crime, she'll stop at nothing to ensure his innocence.

What Dulcie isn't planning on is a trip to the infamous Netherworld where chaos rules.

Between battling the affections of a mysterious vampire, protecting herself from monsters and ensuring the innocence of the one man who would die for her, Dulcie's trip to the Netherworld isn't sunshine and strawberry daiquiris.

 I have a great love for H.P Mallory's books and Great Hexpectations is no exception.

In Great Hexpectations we get to delve a little more into Dulcie's life.

Dulcie O' Neil has dealt with a great deal of drama in the last year... not to mention having to deal with the guilt that she let her evil boss Quillen get away in the first book.

Great Hexpectations beings all of Dulcie's guilt to a head when her new boyfriend Knightly Vander is arrested for not apprehending Quillen when given the opperunity. Unfortunetly Knight has been taken to the Netherworld to await his trial.

The Netherworld is very different from earth. Its much like hell, with outlandish creatures and no shortage of evil deads going down. Every creature appears in their true form in the Neatherworld... meaning Dulcie has uncontrollable wings and no magic to help her.

Luckily she did bring along something very important to help her in her journey... Bram... but not without a few crazy demands on Bram's part.

While trying to stand up and take responsibility for what she did, Dulcie finds herself thrown in prison along with Knight. Prison is a very dangerous place for a fairy, because they are very rare in the Netherworld and highly desired.

As Dulcie gets closer to getting answers, Knight's and Dulcie's time together is dwindling. There is one person standing between them and freedom... The head of the Netherworld... who has it out for Knight... but he is also more than meets the eye!

This ending is going to leave you shocked! As I read the last line of the book my jaw just dropped... I have never in my life seen a cliff hanger quite like this one. I was hooked from page one until the very last page and am screaming for more... I need the next book and soon!

Dulie has grown up a bit in this book. I felt that she seems to better understand the world around her and is coming more into herself and what we can expect from her in future books.

Mallory's writing is delightfully detailed. Great Hexpectations is charming, sexy, kick ass and hilarious. Another hit for Mallory. I can't wait to see whats next for Knight and Dulcie.



  1. I have one of her first books the cauldron bubble - I really need to read it! I love good indie authors
    Pabkins @ Mission to Read

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