Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Duck Tape Diva Review

 I had the amazing pleasure of working with Kathy aka The Duck Tape Diva! I have never seen anything like Kathy's work before. She makes completely original pieces out of colorful duck tape! Yes you read right ... out of duck tape. Kathy asked me what I would like to review from her shop and I had her surprise me with something great and great it is.

Kathy sent me a 3 piece set entitles Chat Noir. A beautiful set that is yellow and orange and has a beautifully crafted and detailed cat on it. It also is sporting the words Chat Nior. 

As you can see from the photo above. The set included 3 matching items. A purse, a cosmetic case and a business card case in which has my initial on it. (Please excuse the glare.)
The purse was much bigger than I had anticipated. I assumed being made out of duck tape, it would need to be small in order to be structurally sound. Man was I wrong! This is a large purse that has tons of room in it. I have large expectations for my purses because I have so much to carry around. At first sight I was thinking, "I am never going to get everything into the purse." But you know me... I love to push the boundaries of anything I review, but I didn't push this purses boundaries... I still had room for more!
These are the items that I needed to fit in my purse.
*10.1 inch Netbook ... In Sleeve
*New Trent (Polka dot case)
*Kindle 3 w/ Case
*Lip Balm
*Eye Podz (tanning goggles)
*Body Spray
*USB Cord
*Cell Phone
*Matching Cosmetic Case (Full of make up)
*Matching Card Case (Full Of Business Cards)
and last but not least
*Rockstar ... You know for when I get drowsy.

Here is how everything fit!
And Everything Fit and it still zipped!

This purse is incredibly structurally sound. With everything in it, it held everything so well that when I placed the strap on my shoulder it felt as though hardly anything had been added to the purse. Now that's what I call quality. I had never seen anything made out of duck tape like this before. I have seen wallets before, but never a purse especially one that zippers! You aren't going to loose your items out of this baby. This is one of the most kick ass purses I have ever had the honor of carrying! I will definitely be purchasing one when I need a change of purse!

Kathy clearly named her shop correctly, because she truly is The Duck Tape Diva!


Check out The Duck Tape Diva on Etsy! There are tons of great duck tape items and designs that are sure to surprise and marvel you. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE DUCK TAPE DIVA!


  1. LOVE it! It's so cute and big enough to my liking.

  2. It is such an awesome bag. And can fit everything that I need on a daily basis.

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