Thursday, May 26, 2011

Strawesome Review & Giveaway

I got the chance to work with a truly awesome company this week. I got to work with Strawesome to review their Dynamic Duo glass straw set. 

These straws are unbelievably beautiful and a great conversation piece at any get together with family and friends. They are straws made from glass and have absolutely gorgeous designs on them. As I stated above I received the Dynamic Duo set. It is consists of two glass straws. One is a wide smoothie straw and the other is a regular width straw, both decorated. 

When I first received these I was terrified that I was going to break them, you know where they are glass and all. I have done many tests to these straws to see if they were going to break, which I will highlight for you in a few minutes. 

The Smoothie Straw:
The Smoothie Straw is wide to allow you to get all those delicious fruits up the straw without clogging it, and it surpassed my expectations. I have used this straw for a Milk Shake, Smoothie and a Frappachino. One thing that is a huge pet peeve of mine, is when you are enjoying a delicious frozen drink then BAM... you have a gigantic ice block with no flavoring in it. I seriously hate it when this happens, and I drink a ton of frozen drinks. You don't experience that with the Smoothie Straw, everything, including ice goes up the straw for a nice and even drinking experience. You won't get that nasty, flavorless ice block at the bottom of your drink. You have the same delicious flavor from the first sip to the last!

The Regular Straw:
This straw is about the width of a normal sized straw. One thing I found that I adored about this straw is drinking iced tea with it! I love unsweetened sun tea with a lemon wedge... the problem with lemon? You get seeds! No one likes to get a seed in their mouth while enjoying delicious sun tea! This straw keeps the seeds from coming up the straw and they don't plug the straw and keep you from getting your yummy beverage.

The Tests:
Slammed Straws Together: 5 Stars! No Breakage!
Stomped on Straws: 5 Stars! No Breakage!
Carried Straw in Purse all Day: 5 Stars! No Breakage!
Let The Bean Play Drums on a Metal Bowl: 5 Stars! No Breakage!
Threw Straws at Wall: 5 Stars! No Breakage!

I honestly think... these cannot be broken :)

We had a BBQ last weekend in which we had some friends and family over. I used my Strawesome straws at the BBQ and got so many compliments on them, it was insane. Everyone asked me where I got them and of course I had to tell them... this is one secret you will want everyone to know!


The Giveaway!
You can win a great Strawesome straw! The great people at Strawesome has offered a great decorative “artist’s choice” straw for one lucky winner to win!
To enter fill out the form below!
This giveaway is open to the US and Canada ONLY


  1. I usually do not read reviews but these do sound awesome. So funny how hard they are to break LOL

  2. These look awesome totally want some now.

  3. They are really awesome! We love our Strawesome Straws! And I don't suggest trying all things we did to break them... because it is possible for them to break lol.

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