Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pugs to Persians Review

I had the pleasure of getting the chance to work with Kaysea from Pugs to Persians. Kaysea sent me an awesome harness to review for my dog Little Man. I had nothing to measure him with in order to get an exact size for the harness, but Kaysea was very helpful and was able to pick out the right size for him based off his weight and breed. Kaysea goes above and beyond to make sure that you feel at home while ordering from her, and is quick to answer any questions you may have about her items. You can tell with her products that she takes great pride in them and knows what she is talking about, which is very comforting when you have no idea what you need... don't worry Kaysea knows exactly what you need for you pup or kitty, and goes above and beyond to make sure its perfect for your pet.

I have a couple things from Pugs to Persians and love everything I have gotten from them. I have two collars and now this harness, everything is made from a great material. Kaysea's attention to detail is amazing right down to every little stitch.

Kaysea chose the right size harness for Little Man. It was adjusted to the smallest size when I received it and I actually didn't need to adjust it, it fit him perfectly right out of the box. Now my dog usually attempts to remove harnesses.... not sure why but he normally hates them! Little Man has been wearing his Pugs to Persians harness for about 2 weeks now and he hasn't even attempted once to take it off. Everything about the harness looks incredibly comfortable for the pup, right down to the closure.

Okay For The Demo!
Little Man isn't the most cooperative dog to say the least when it came to taking pictures of him, but I tried to get them as well as I could, so that you could see the harness on Little Man.

This is what I received in my Pugs to Persians package.
It includes:
1 Harness
2 Yummy Puppy Treats
1 Small Treat Bag
1 Diagram w/ Detailed Instructions
3 Gorgeous business cards
1 Hand written thank you note

To me a hand written thank you note means so much. It was personalized. It just shows me how much your order meant to the seller, that they wanted to personally thank you. It makes me feel less like an order number and more like a person.

Step #1 Find an unsuspecting sleeping dog.

I lucked out and had one harness free, and ready for this demo!

Step #2: Rangle the sleeping pup and place the harness on the dog.

This was incredibly easy. When I first saw the harness I was like.... "wow that looks complicating" It wasn't at all though. All you do is unclip the little clippy and there are two holes that have a support strap in between them. All you do is place one of your dogs legs in each hole, pull the harness around the pup and clip it. So simple!

Step #3 Adjust The Harness

This harness has adjustable straps! You can easily move the little sliding thing (I don't know the technical term) to adjust the harness to your dog. As you can see my dog was less than happy about this, but luckily after inspecting the harness I didn't need to. The smallest setting was on it when it came from Pugs to Persians and it fit him perfectly!

Step #4 Adjust Harness to fit snuggly 

As I said before I didn't have to do this, but make sure to test the harness with your finger to make sure that it isn't too snug for your dog, and that it isn't too loose. You don't want your dog to slip right out of it and you don't want him/her to be uncomfortable because it is too tight.

Step #5 Pamper dog so he doesn't hate you!

As I stated above my dog usually hates harnesses, and he really hates when you put it on him. So I did a little pampering after I got his harness on him, so that he didn't hate me lol. I gave him one of the deliciously yummy homemade puppy treats that Pugs to Persians sent with his new harness, which he loved! He is very picky with treats so for him to love them is HUGE! and I gave him his blankie. Apparently I tuckered the little guy out because he passed out for a few hours after lol, but he never attempted to remove his harness. In fact we took it off of him for a bath and directly following his bath he went and cuddled with his harness, when he woke up he was nosing it for us to put it back on. Pugs to Persians collars and harnesses are a god send!


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