Friday, April 22, 2011

Mutti Esty Shop Review

I got the great pleasure of reviewing an awesome product from the Mutti shop on Etsy. They have some awesome items, full of great and natural colors. The shop itself reminds me of spring and summer... which happen to be an amazing time on the coast :)

I received a great Felted bowl from Mutti as a review product. 

A lot of the rocks in the Wissahickon are a beautiful granite grey color. Some have Mica that sparkles in the sunlight. This bowl was hand knitted with beads made from recycled glass found in the Park. It was then felted to form a sturdy fabric that will hold up to years of wear.

This is an awesome little bowl. The measurements that I got from it is 3in X 5in. Which is a pretty good size for a felted bowl. It has a square shape to it, with beautiful blue beads on three sides of the bowl. The color of the blue matches the pictures above to a T. It reminds me of the ocean in the summer, with the sun bearing down on it. It just gorgeous. 

I have found a ton of different uses for this delightful little bowl. I put stickers in it for my Etsy shop while I was labeling things. I have put twist ties in it for tying lollipops. I even put some freeze dried yogurt in it for my daughter for snack. Its a bowl that she can't break which is awesome! I currently have the bowl on the bar in my kitchen for car and house keys. I have gotten so many compliments on it, its not even funny. I think this bowl maybe one of the most used display pieces in my home.

Mutti is a friendly etsy seller and is super sweet. She makes your experience with her shop the best it can possibly be. Her attention to detail will shock and delight you. After purchasing from her once, you will be back for more. Her store is addictive and her customer service is like conversing with a friend you have known your whole life. Oh and did I mention shipping is super fast! I had it within two days of being notified that it had shipped.




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