Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tracy Jean Handbags Review and Giveaway

I got this fabulous purse from Tracy Jean Handybags on Etsy. First off its no secret that this bag is gorgeous! I had her shorten the handles of the bag a little, differing only slightly from the pictures above so that I could carry it under my arm. I received this bag only two days after ordering it from Tracy. Talk about fast! And it was everything I was expecting and more!

This purse is expertly made. It has perfectly pressed pleats, which give this bag a very fun feel. It closes with a sliver snap that is located at the opening of the bag and features brown cloth handles, which go with the blues of the bag really well. And to top of the bag is a cute little label on the bottom corner featuring Tracy's store name.

Inside it only gets better! If you are a mom, you know how hard it is going out with your baby or toddler. You have one bag for yourself and one bag for your baby, and you have to carry the baby too. All the while the baby is trying to get things out of your bags because they can! I can fit so much in this bag... and its organized. I don't have to scramble at the bottom of my purse for a binky and my wallet. It has nice big pockets that line the sides of the bag. A lot like pictured above, I carry diapers, wipes, a sippy cup, some binkys, my wallet, lip balm, wipes, my cell phone, my Kindle and a snack for both me and the bean and I still have room! I could easily fit at least a water bottle in there as well. So this is definitely a bag that can hold a ton... but doesn't look HUGE on the outside.

Overall this is an awesome bag. It fits all the items that I need for me and the baby and then some. But it isn't just a mom bag, this would also make a kick ass school bag. I wish I had something like this when I was in school. The side pockets can easily fit a book in it. You won't be taking out your book to read it and then DAMMIT! You bent your book while it was in your purse or bag. This bag will keep your book safe in one of its lovely pockets. It could also fit a laptop in the middle. I was able to fit my Mac in there.

So Kick ass bag... Book Bag... Baby Bag... Mommy and baby bag... School Bag... Laptop bag... you know what that combination sounds like to me? Why it sounds like a very lovely ....


I liked Tracy's items so much that I got one for one lucky winner! Yeah you read right! I am going to give one away to one of you :)

I picked up this awesome headband and you could make it yours!


Adjustable Headband in Loopy Daisy

Approx size: 26" around and about 2 1/2" wide at the top. Tapers in around bottom with adjustable velcro closure.
Fits most all head sizes. Machine washable or handwash. Line dry

The last picture is an example of how it will fit.

How To Enter:
Head on over to Tracy's store and tell me which item you like best.

Make sure and leave me your email addy so that I know who to contact when you win.
ENDS 3/16/11


  1. I loved her Large Pencil Pouch in Star Burst Teal! It's so cute :) I could definitely use it for school!

    -Carina L. Tai

  2. I liked the Pleated Bag in Moss Green
    mce1011 AT aol DOT com

  3. I'm lovin' the Adjustable Headband in Kleo black.

  4. I am lovin the adjustable headbands!!

    myra0502 at yahoo dot com

  5. I like the Eyeglasses Case in Teal Bubbles

    shopgurl101 at gmail dot com

  6. What an awesome giveaway, and the choices were so hard.

    But I finally narrowed it down to the Pleated Bag in Pink Flair

    ebysswriter (at) yahoo (dot) com

    Thank you so much for hosting

  7. Love the pleated bag and these headbands so much!! Hope I win!

    email: urmikaagarwal at gmail dot com

  8. I love the pleated bag in scooter pink! The headbands are awesome too!!


  9. Love the eyeglasses case in teal bubbles. Lord knows I need a new one. I love the bags too.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. Not sure if I can enter from Canada, but I like the Pleated bag in Moss Green Cord!

  11. I liked the Pleated Bag in Scooter Pink. Something about it just attracted me to it. :)

  12. I like the Pleated Bag in Pink Flair.

    meredithfl at gmail dot com

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