Wednesday, March 23, 2011

LoveKnots4Baby Review

I got the chance to review a really awesome scarf this week. Its called an infinity scarf... something I must admit I had never heard of until I received this one. It is a really neat accessory! I received this scarf from the very awesome LoveKnots4Baby etsy store. 

I got the black infinity scarf from LoveKnots4Baby. It is light weight and surprisingly soft. It was a nice deep black color... I mention this because I have received items before that claimed they were "black" and then received them and they were unbelievably faded. Not with this scarf! This is a gorgeous scarf. I am so glad that I got the black because I can wear it everyday with anything. I have found many different uses for this scarf. It doesn't need to be used only as a scarf. I used it when I was baking as a head wrap to fully cover my hair and twisted the back to form a bun then tied it. I used it wrapped around my neck as a scarf when I went out and the infinity scarf is surprisingly warm for being so thin. It kind of surprised me but in a good way.  My 12 month old used it as a lovey one day in the car.. I couldn't get it away from her... its soooo soft! My niece used it as a belt and it looked amazing... unfortunately I am not thin enough to try that but its an idea :)

This scarf has so many uses its not even funny... and it looks great no matter which way you choose to wear it. LoveKnots4Baby also includes photos (like the ones above) on each infinity scarf listing to show you a few of the ways that you can wear it. You can also come up with your own ways to wear it like I did.

LoveKnots4Baby also has more than just infinity scarfs in their shop. They also have handbags, checkbook covers, hats, placemats and more. So if scarfs aren't your thing (which they will be after you try the infinity scarf from LoveKnots4Baby) they have something for everyone! and great customer service. The owner to the shop is amazingly sweet and will make your buying experience the best it can be. Shipping was very quick... I received the scarf in just a couple of days, which was awesome!



  1. Thank you for the kind review! I'm so glad you like it.

  2. I have a big shoulder bag that I use every single day for my crochet project/main purse, as well as one of the same infinity scarves in dark blue, that I am wearing right now. I LOVE, LOVE LoveKnots4Baby's shop! Thanks!

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