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Faustine Review

Title: Faustine
Author: Imogen Rose
Release Date: March 1, 2011
Source: Author (Thanks :))
Publisher: Independent
Kindle Lending: Enabled

Who is Faustine? When Faustine Spencer was five years old, she discovered a secret that changed her life forever. At twelve, her parents sent her to Bonfire Academy in Switzerland to ensure that she received the training needed to control her increasing powers. 
Three years later, Faustine returns to Manhattan. All she wants is to be a typical teenager, at least, one that's part of the in-crowd at her Upper East Side High School. When drop-dead gorgeous Ryker, her long-time crush from the Academy, finally notices her, she couldn't be happier. However, her desire for a normal life is shattered when her father, a prominent sovereign, disappears after naming her as his successor. Her siblings begin to disappear, and Faustine finds herself in the midst of a power struggle. With her life in danger, Faustine must learn to follow one of Bonfire Academy's most important rules: Trust no one.

Faustine has normal issues just like every other teenage girl. She has boy issues, trouble fitting in, bullies, oh and she is going to be queen of all the demons in London. Not to mention her dad has disappeared, she has 6 siblings she has never met and someone gunning to kill her... and she needs to get everything taken care of so that she can go home and finish high school.

Faustine is a young girl, not yet out of high school, when she is notified that her father (King of all demons in London) has disappeared. Not only has he disappeared but people are dying all over the place, and her father has named her as his successor. She is thrust into a world that she has never really been part of and is expected to understand everything and make decisions for a country that she doesn't live in, in order to control the demons there. All she wanted to do was finish high school.

I love the relationship that develops between Ryker and Faustine. I thought it was developed at a great pace. One thing that I didn't really dig is how they got together. We didn't know anything about Ryker and then BAM there he is out of nowhere and Faustine is smitten with him because he is "hot". I understand that yes, a lot of teenage relationships are like that, but Faustine seemed to be head over heels for him without really knowing anything about him. As the book starts to develop more I began to like the relationship a little bit more. It started to develop more as a relationship instead of just teenage hormones. 

Faustine has to deal with a TON of things with being 15! She has someone / something killing people related to her and random people that she doesn't know, in order to pass a message to her "Eat That, Demon Princess". 

I do wish that we saw a bit more romance between Ryker and Faustine, I am hoping that in the next book it might feature more between them. I would love to see something more happen with them. BTW Imogen thanks so much.... you are the queen of cliff hangers! I am wanting to read more NOW! and I have to wait :'( ... I am waiting on pins and needles for the sequel.

I loved the witty-ness in the book. Faustine reminded me a lot of myself when I was her age. She is very relatable. She is snarky and sarcastic, but sweet and brave. She is a very complex character that was expertly executed by Imogen Rose. 

I actually found myself being pulled into this book so easily. It has a quick but well explained story line, which makes for a fun and action filled read. I am beginning to believe that Imogen Rose can write anything and execute it in a way that appeals to every age. 

Faustine is a good read for any age. There isn't profanity or sexual situations. It is clean cut. Some scenes do have a violent nature so I would suggest maybe a 12 and up age group. But overall this is a fantastic read and I would suggest it to my 11 year old niece to read. In fact she will be reading it very soon. If i could rate this book any higher I would! 


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