Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Grandma's Of New England Review

Company: My Grandma's Of New England
Cake Flavor: Cape Code Cranberry
Source: My Grandma's Of New England (Thanks!)

Sharp and Tart Cranberries Combined with Cinnamon Sugar Sweetness

Large chunks of New England's most famous berry are sweetened with pure New England maple syrup, adding a festive and delicious accent to this variation of our original cinnamon walnut cake. A perennial favorite during the holiday season, now available all year long.

                                                     This cake is baked with walnuts.
                                                     This cake is certified Kosher.

I was contacted by My Grandma's Of New England's marketing manager to see if I would like to review one of their coffee cakes. She gave me my choice of cake by telling me I could choose whichever cake I would like to review on their site. Right off I was like wow... I get to choose? I have never had a food company tell me that I could choose which item I got to review. I was like a kid in a candy store! They have a ton of varieties and two different sizes of cakes. I told Rachel (marketing manager) that I would like to review the Cap Code Cranberry Coffee Cake. I didn't tell her what size I wanted. She told me she would have it shipped right out to me. That was yesterday!

This evening I hear a knock on my door. I go and open the door thinking it was family coming over, but nope it was the Fed Ex man ... and he had a white and red box in his hands with the My Grandma's logo on it. I don't believe I have ever been this happy to see the Fed Ex man! So I took the box from him said thank you and walked into my kitchen with the box. Well I couldn't wait to get into it! So I cut into the plastic covering the box. The minute I cut the plastic I could smell the delicious Cape Code Cranberry Coffee Cake. Rachel sent me the biggest cake that they had... lucky me! I immediately opened the cake which was also in plastic inside the box. I cut the first piece and slowly bring the fork to my mouth and experienced a moment I have never had with food before. I closed my eyes and had that mmmm moment.

I have had a lot of cakes and sweets in general, but nothing has ever blown my world like this coffee cake did. It had the best flavor of any cake I have ever tasted. It was so moist. There are coffee cakes that I have had fresh out the oven that didn't taste even remotely as good as this one. I never thought anything could taste this good. With one bite I felt as though I was transported to Cape Cod Mass, and I was having breakfast at a small cafe, that had just baked this delightful treat.  Whatever My Grandma's Of New England is doing... they are doing it right! If you want an instant vacation and that food moment that makes you close your eyes and savor every bite, you need My Grandma's Of New England's cakes... you won't find this perfection anywhere else.

My husband says this is husband approved.



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