Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Ian Somerhalder Foundation

Its no secret that I have an Etsy store. If you follow me on twitter you may have even seen some of the goodies that I have made recently. I really wanted to find a away to give back a little bit and I believe that I have figure it out! I am going to be giving 50% of the profits that I make in my Etsy store Maddie's Devilish Sweets to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. From now until Friday Feb 11th. Also enter the code ISFOUNDATION in the seller notes for a chance to be entered to win an ARC of Blood Magic and Bumped.

About The Ian Somerhalder Foundation:

We are a team, a group of people, who view the environment as an interconnected organism of which we are not separate but a part of. There is no differentiation between all living things: trees, rivers, animals and humans. We are all one interdependent organism.
The global problems and challenges we are facing are infinitely interconnected and co-dependent, therefore our solutions and actions must be enacted in an interconnected manner. There are numerous causes, many campaigns and organizations aiming to encourage change, which includes ending deforestation, planting trees, eliminating pesticides and healing our planet. How many of these organizations or campaigns team up to become a united spirit of change?
Nature does not behave independently. It works in unison with all its elements. Working independently to transform our planet is like trying to playing a violin without strings. Communities of businesses, organizations, people and projects must begin to connect resources and skills to passions and projects. The IS FOUNDATION will behave in full collaborative spirit by joining with other Non-Profit, For-Profit and governing bodies globally.
  • Distributing funds and resources towards global conservation, green energy development/deployment and educational tools.
  • Creating awareness that global deforestation can be seen as a national/international and global security risk.
  • Creating mobility by engaging and supporting of the most powerful, yet disregarded, disrespected and overlooked population on the planet - our youth.
  • Ending animal cruelty and promoting programs such as: “species specific sterilization drugs”, transferring and re-training of abandoned animals into assistive and therapy guides.
  • Supporting and creating sustainable strategies for “no-kill shelters”.
 All the information , including the photo of Ian Somerhalder was taken from foe the purposes of raising money for our animals!

Its such a great foundation. So help out our furry friends and donate while enjoying some yummy goodies in the process.

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