Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ask Mary Anything...

Okay so I get tons of emails asking me questions. Some have nothing to do with blogging, books or reading and some do. A lot of my followers have expressed that they would like me to do posts about the questions I am asked and the answers to those questions. So here we go!

What do you do when you aren't reading/reviewing?
I actually have a pretty hectic life. I have a 11 month old daughter who keeps me running... all the time. And I love to bake... just about anything.

Are you going to start including recipes on the blog?
If I get enough people asking about them , I would be more than happy to share a few recipes with you. I could do a recipe a week or something like that. Let me know on the form below if you want me to.

How long have you been reviewing?
I have been reviewing for about 4 years.

How do you get ARC's?
A lot of the time I get my ARC's shipped to me from the publisher. I have a lot of books that show up out of the blue and others I have to request.

When you ask for ARC's how to you go about it?
Be short and sweet. Don't include a lot of personal info because honestly they don't really care. Make sure that you have your address in your signature, otherwise they are likely to ignore your email. And always include where they can find your blog.

How did you get into cooking/baking?
I have actually got this question a lot. I started cooking and baking at a very young age. Then I went to school to hone my skills as a pastry chef.  After working in the food industry I realized that I hated doing it as a living. It took all the fun out of baking for others, so now I cook out of my kitchen and I am loving it again.

I have noticed that you have mentioned on Twitter that you have gone to school for a few different things. What were they?
I went to school to become a pastry chef. I also went to be a medical examiner. Complete opposites right? lol.

What color is your natural hair color?
Honestly.... I have no idea! I have been dying my hair since high school and can't picture my actual hair color lol. I believe it maybe dirty blond.

Where can I find your Etsy Store?
You can find my Etsy store by CLICKING HERE

Thanks so much for all the questions... you can ask me more by using the form below. Also let me know if you are interested in my including recipes by using the check boxes.



  1. great questions ! Lol what made you decide "oh I don't wanna bake pastries for a living, so let's try M.E. instead!"?

  2. After cooking for a living it just wasn't fun anymore. I firmly believe that you need to enjoy your job in order to do it well and when the fun is gone... its not a good job for you anymore :)


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