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Paris Intimates Sex Toy Review: 18 AND OVER WARNING

Supplied by Paris Intimates for review

The Gigi vibrator made by LELO is made to be a G-spot vibrator but can be used for a number of different things. It is a very versatile vibrator. As intented it can be used to easily reach the G-spot, due to its amazing curvature and flat head. It will add just the right amount of pressure on your G-spot to do the job. This is a great vibrator to use for insertion with the variable vibration settings and the velvety shaft, Gigi will be your new best friend.

Other Uses

The Gigi vibe can also be used for stimulation. With its hard, flat head it will fit very nicely on the clitoris. It can also be used to stimulate the nipples and penis as well. I have actually also used this for body massage. The end of the vibe is great to use to get all those knots out of your back or neck. With the multiple vibration settings you can use a low to high steady vibration for a great feeling massage or use one of the unique patterns for a great variation. Add a massage candle or massage oil to heat things up with your partner! You can get some great massage candles and massage oils at Paris Intimates as well for great prices.
The Gigi is made from a very high quality hard plastic. It has a smooth glossy end to hold and finishes with a soft velvety, almost material like textured shaft. The velvetiness gives great friction when using this toy for insertion or for stimulation.
The Gigi is curved to reach the G-spot and has a great flat head on it, which sets very nicely on both the g-spot and clitoris... at different times of course. It is 6 1/2 inches in length and about 1 1/8 inches in diameter. 4 1/2 inches is insertable, due to the controls taking up the rest of the space. 

The Gigi can be used for forplay for stimulation and to have your partner tease you. I personally would only use this for foreplay... it is a little large to use during intercourse, and will get in the way of intercourse.

The Gigi vibe is NOT waterproof, so please don't submerge this completely into water it will ruin it. It is however splashproof, meaning that you can easily wash it just be careful not to get water into the bottom of the toy. 
The Gigi gives 4 hours of play time with only 2 hours of charging which is awesome. You won't spend your entire day charging this toy than only get 30 minutes of play time, which is a nice change from a lot of rechargeable toys. 
 The Gigi comes with a lockable feature. You can lock into the vibration setting that you are using so that you don't accidentally change it at the most inopportune moment. No one want that "oh my god" moment to be ruined by "oops just shut off the vibe." That's not going to happen with this toy!
This toy is easily turned on by the controls on the bottom of the toy, which is located right below the shaft. Each setting can be intensified, which makes this toy AWESOME and KICK ASS in my book! You aren't limited to the intensity that the company wants you to have. You can customize the intensity to your liking, which makes this a great toy for both advanced users and beginners.
Care and Maintenance
The Gigi is sooo easy to clean. All you need is your favorite toy cleaner or some mild soap and warm water,  roll the toy between your hands under the water, apply your cleaner and rinse. It can't get any easier than that. Lelo even goes one step ahead and supplies you a storage bag to keep the Gigi in.  
Gigi comes in a color coordinated box, depending on what color you choose, that is the color the outside box will be. It looks professional and elegant. Inside the outside box is a nice black box with the LELO logo embossed on it, this box holds the Gigi. It is held in place by a thin plastic sheet that is contoured to the toy to keep it safe during shipping. Underneath the toy you will find the manual, 10 year guarantee and one year warranty. You will also find the charger to the toy. I Personally suggest charging the toy over night the day you get it. It can hold a charge upto 90 days if it is idle.

You can pick up the Gigi by Lelo at Paris Intimates by clicking HERE 
It is usually around 100.00 but right now is on sale for 64.00! completely worth the money!


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