Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Resolutions...

Happy New Years!

Ok so every year I make a few resolutions that I comepletly intend on keeping and one outlandish resloution that there is no way I could possibly keep it right? Well every year I never keep any of my resolutions ...except the outlandish one lol go figure! So this year I figured that I would share them with all of you.

1. Find More Time To Read - Yes you have a baby, but other people do it... why can't you!

2. Eat more healthy - Stop buying everything in the freezer section... no those eggrolls aren't calling your name!

3. Loose the baby weight - Come on! Its been 10 months and you have lost 10lbs of baby weight...stop procrastinating. 

4. Do More Giveaways On The Blog - This I can probably stick to....I hope.

5. Learn A new Language - Most of America is bi-lingual ...that is until they get to me!

6. Get My Daughter to sleep all night in her crib - Yes its true... We can't get her to sleep all night in her crib... we are lucky if she falls asleep in there! Any suggestions?

7. Drink more water! - Caffeine isn't always your friend... you don't need to look like the crazy squirrel on Over The Hedge!

8. Keep up with the house more - You aren't supposed to look like you live in a barn fool!

9. Find a hobby - I always include this on my new years resolutions ... I never find a hobby... maybe this year will be different, any suggestions?

10. Last but not least... Lay off the mother In-Law, Yeah you are insane, annoying, freaky, lying creep, and dramatic but you gave me my husband.... you can't be all bad?!? I hope?!? ...This probably will be one I won't keep... Why couldn't I get a great Mother in-law? Tells you somethings up when your husband won't let you meet his mother until after you get married!



  1. "Eat more healthy" - this is one of my resolutions as well.
    This year I want to read more and start working out.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Good resolution! I think eating more healthy is always a great resolution to have.

  3. Some sound like mine :) Here they are:

  4. One of my resolutions is to learn a new language too! I hope we can both stick to it.

    And the line about looking like the squirrel from over the hedge made me laugh :)

    Good luck on all your resolutions and Happy New Year!

  5. I do most days... I run off of caffeine!

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