Monday, January 24, 2011

Her Wolf Review

Title: Her Wolf
Author: Rebecca Royce
Release Date: July 27, 2009
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Source: Author (Thanks :))
Kindle Lending: Enabled
Age Suggestion: Adult

 Ashlee Morrison has a secret obsession—with a dark and mysterious male. The only problem is that he’s a wolf and she’s becoming convinced that she’s insane. But Ashlee’s wolf is no ordinary canine; he is Tristan Kane, third son in the royal family of the Westervelt Wolf pack.

Trapped in his wolf form by his evil father’s men, Tristan has desperately sought a way out of predicament and is shocked to find that the sad but beautiful redhead who has come to the wolf cage can not only hear him, but awakens in him the knowledge that she is his mate, the other half of his soul.

Ashlee, unaware that she is half wolf-shifter, agrees to accompany Tristan back to his pack in Maine to seek answers to her past and understand her future. But as Tristan and Ashlee grow closer, familial betrayals will threaten to destroy the fragile love they have started to build.

With the odds stacked against them, Ashlee and Tristan will either embrace their love to save the Westervelt Wolves or be lost forever to despair.

This book started out just a little slow for me, but as I was reading it I realized that it was necessary in order to develop the story correctly. I am now thankful for the slow beginning.

Ashlee volunteers at a local zoo. It was her father's way of getting her out of the house after a horrible break up with her fiance. At the zoo she is drawn to a wolf in the wolf enclosure. Every day she is at the zoo she feels compelled that she has to go visit him. And his eyes are just so human looking.

Tristan was caught while he was in his wolf form and a spell was put on him so that he couldn't shift back to his human form. He was put in a zoo enclosure with other wolves... but he isn't like other wolves, he is a shifter. Everyday a pretty young lady comes to visit him and he feels drawn to her in a way that he never has with anyone before... because she is his mate.

Ashlee decides that she needs to break Tristan out of the zoo in order to save him and get him back to his human form. She agrees to take him to a remote island in Maine where his pack resides. There his family can turn him human again. But turning Tristan back to his human form isn't the only task they are going to have to tackle to be together. And is there more to Ashlee than meets the eye?

Okay so first off I need to send out a HUGE thank you to author of Her Wolf Rebecca Royce! Not only did you write an amazing book.... but you brought back my hope in paranormal romance. I have read so many paranormal romance books to review that I have grown bored with them. Most of them are all about the same thing and oh so predictable. Her Wolf isn't at all predictable. From page to page I had no idea what was to come... and when I found out was delightfully shocked. I haven't been this into a book, in it seems like forever. And thanks to Rebecca Royce I have found a new wind for paranormal romance.

Ashlee's character had to be my favorite by far. She is complicated and beautiful. And the author portrayed her perfectly. She is confused, complicated, stubborn, creative and brave. All these qualities made her an amazing character because I could relate with her. I don't know a woman who isn't all of those things. But most of the time its down played or the woman is weak. Not Ashlee. She will do anything she needs to in order to save her mate... even if it means dying.

Tristan's love for Ashlee is breathtaking. He is completely devoted to her no matter what the circumstances are. And trust me... there are some rough circumstances! It gives me hope again in the power of love and romance.

If you don't read this book... it would be a huge mistake. Her Wolf has something for everyone, its romantic, sexy, sweet, action packed, there is adventure and loyalty... and paranormal yumminess! So if you are like I was and have lost your interest in paranormal romance, renew your love for it with Her Wolf... This is one book you will never forget!



  1. Thanks for the review, this book sounds really good !

  2. Wow. Now, I need to say thank you to you. Thank you for loving the book as much as I loved writing it. That is such a gift to an author. You just made me cry!

    Best to you.

  3. This sounds great Mary! I can't wait to get started on it. I was going through a bit of a paranormal romance rut too, so hopefully this will cure me as well :)

  4. I swear Rebecca Royce is the pro of paranormal romance... I was wow'd for sure!

  5. Awesome review, I'm always looking for new story lines and I am definitely going to check this one out.


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