Monday, January 31, 2011

Dumplin Holler Etsy Review


Have you ever had a delicious treat that just made your taste buds tingle... and before you knew it...WTH?!? It's empty all ready? This is exactly what happened to me with Dumplin Holler Spoon Fudge. I received three delicious flavors. Red Velvet... 2 jars of Peanut Butter and Cafe au Lait, which was a delicious extra that tasted like a creamy, delicious cappuccino in a jar!

All the flavors where delightful. The fudge was light and airy and completely spoonable. I have never tasted anything like this fudge before! Before I knew it I had ate the entire 4oz jar of spoon fudge... talk about feeling like a fatty... if that wasn't bad enough *blush* I also finished the other three jars within 2 days of receiving them. I couldn't help it! It was calling me!

I received this delightfully delicious treat only four days from the date that I ordered it. It arrived tasting fresh and was soft. It comes in a reusable 4oz jar that has a screw top on it and a tiny little spoon on the side for easy consumption.  All the jars came similar to the ones pictured above. With a ribbon holding the spoon in place. Each jar of fudge is labeled with the Dumplin Holler logo and the flavor that is in that jar. The packaging would make an awesome gift... great for valentines day. It even had some basket filler, crinkled type of paper in the shipping box, so when I opened the box it was like I was receiving a fabulous gift!

There is nothing about Dumplin Holler Spoon Fudge that I would change... It is so delectable. I also would recommend this fudge to anyone looking for a sweet treat or a great gift for a love one. But be careful... you better order one for yourself as well because you are going to want this fudge!

Over all Dumplin Holler is a fantastic little Etsy shop, with fabulous items, great customer service and a deliciousness that you will never forget. Not to mention the fast shipping and the very generous extra jar of fudge that I received from them.



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