Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cake Balls

Cake Balls
Who doesn't love a delectable treat? I know that I do! and the easier the better with the little one running around. These are super easy to make but are a little bit time consuming... so keep that in mind. These are pretty small about 2 bites.

What You'll Need:
1 boxed cake mix (any kind)
1 tub of any flavor frosting
12oz of candy melts or chocolate chips w/ 1TBSP of shortening added
cookie sheet or some waxed paper

Step #1:
Make the boxed cake per the instructions on the box.

Step #2:
Let the cake cool. I find that it cools faster if cut into smaller pieces and placed on a cookie sheet. Aprox. 30 mins or so.

Step #3:
Crumble the cake. I usually do this with my hands but it can also be easily done with a mixer. Add the entire tub of frosting and mix well. It should resemble something close to a cookie dough after mixing.

Step #4:
Shape your dough into balls. I personally use a cookie scoop then hand roll them to get them perfectly round, but you could also use a melon baller, tablespoon or just eye it and shape it into a ball. 

Step #5:
Refrigerate your cake balls for a few hours until they are firm. I freeze mine for an hour to cut down on time, it works great and the chocolate coating hardens faster.

Step #6:
Once they are firm you are ready to melt your chocolate or candy melts. This can be done per instructions on the package, in a microwave or in a double broiler. If you use the microwave I suggest doing half the chocolate at a time due to it cooling quickly and causing lumps.

Step #6:
Coat your cake balls with the melted chocolate that you will be using for the coating. If you are going to use sprinkles on your cake balls, make sure to do so quickly after dipping the cake ball so that they stick. Place the cake ball on some waxed paper or a cookie sheet that is greased or sprayed with a nonstick spray. After the chocolate/candy melts harden you can trim the access on the bottom with a sharp knife, but be careful not to nick the cake ball.

Step #7: 

Personal Notes:
For a fantastic and professional touch, get some lollipop bags , some pretty ribbon and mini cupcake papers. Put the cake ball in the cupcake paper, wrap with the lolli bag and tie with the ribbon.... GORGEOUS! 

A lot of people were asking for my recipe... here it is.. now go make some awesome yumminess!


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