Saturday, December 4, 2010 Review: 18 AND OVER WARNING!

Bottle Rockets Apollo
Supplied By is a great shop for all your sex toy needs supplied my with the Evolved Bottle Rockets Apollo in exchange for an honest review.
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The Bottle Rockets Apollo is a great mini vibe. It can be used just about anywhere. It is waterproof, so its good to take to the shower or bathtub. This toy is a great mini vibe for anyone. It can be used to stimulate the clitoris, nipples, penis and can also stimulate anally. This vibe isn't the best for insertion, but can be used to insert in the vaginal opening where all the nerve endings are. It feels amazing used this way. This toy can be used for a beginner or more advanced user. It would make a great first toy. It's not at all intimidating or overly powerful. The Bottle Rockets Apollo is great for use during partner sex. With it only being 4 1/2 inches long and approx. 1 inch in diameter, its small enough to fit between two bodies without hindering the foreplay or sex.
Material / Texture:
The Bottle Rockets Apollo is made of a smooth hard plastic. It is soft and velvety to the touch. It has a pointed tip and a small contoured bump at the head of the shaft. The velvet touch is great for stimulation, it offers added friction. This toy has absolutely no smell to it, even right out of the package. Its really a great little toy.
Design / Shape / Size:
The Design to the Bottle Rockets Apollo is great! It has a smooth velvety finish, perfect for stimulation. Adding just the right amount of friction to the clitoris. Its great for travel, its small enough to fit into your purse. I have a rather small hand and am unable to conceal this in my hand, so just carrying it around isn't an option in my opinion, but if you have a larger hand it might be an option for you. The size is perfect if you are looking for a small vibe. If you plan on using this toy for insertion you may want to opt for a vibe a bit larger, at least in length. It also has one speed setting which is a low medium setting, so if you need some stronger vibes to get off, I would use something else. For me though this worked out great.

Functions / Performance / Controls:
The Bottle Rockets Apollo is powered by one AA battery which is located in the bottom of the vibe, you can put it in by twisting off the bottom. It has one speed setting which is turned on by a small waterproof button located at the bottom of the vibe. Push once for on, push the button again and it turns off. I fully submerged this toy in water and it didn't hinder the performance in the slightest. I found that this you was a little on the loud side for its size, but when in water I couldn't hear it at all. Also I found that when under the blankets on the bed, I couldn't hear it. The controls are extremely easy to use, just one button for everything. It makes this toy very easy to use. The batteries last a really long time in this toy. I have yet to change the battery and its still going strong.

I did store this with the battery in the vibe, it doesn't seem to have depleted the battery at all by doing this. However it isn't recommended to store the vibe with a battery in it due to possible damage and corrosion. 

Care and Maintenance:
This toy is extremely easy to clean. It is made of a hard plastic and is waterproof. So all you will need is your favorite toy cleaner or some mild soap and warm water. I store the vibe in the bottle type container that it came in. It keeps it clean and safe from any type of damage because it holds the vibe in place very snugly. You can use any lubricant with The Bottle Rockets Apollo. We have tried a few different ones both silicone based and water based and both seem to due a great job with this toy.

The Packaging to The Bottle Rockets Apollo is extremely cute! It comes in a bottle that is closely described to a beer bottle, but a lot smaller. It even has a metal bottle cap with Evolved's company logo printed on the top. The vibe is held in by a twist off base. It would make a great gift. Its not very discreet though, you can see the vibe through the clear plastic bottle in which its packaged. There aren't any instructions with this vibe. The packaging has some basic printed information on it. It basically says that is waterproof, shower and bath friendly, body safe and Phthalate free ect. Instructions really aren't needed with this toy though. Its very simple to use. The bottle that is comes in is also great for storage, its where I store mine and it keeps it safe from dust, dirt and damage.



  1. Its very eye catching... I will be picking up one for my sister in law for x-mas... makes a great gift in the neat packaging!


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