Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fallen Blood By Martin Sharlow

Hey Guys! Happy Hump Day! I have been notified by Martin Sharlow who is the author of Fallen Blood and Shades of Twilight. That his book Fallen Blood will be on sale on Amazon for a couple of weeks. It is only .99 for your Kindle. Fallen Blood is a great indie book, with a fantastic twist on vampires. I have included the description below. You can also read my review on it HERE. You can also get Fallen Blood on your Nook for .99, for the next couple weeks! What a great sale. Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention! Also check out the other great books by Martin while there. I have included links below. 

Get Fallen Book For 0.99 by CLICKING HERE

What mystery surrounds an abandoned house now owned by the Federal government, that would bring men dressed in black to a frightened teen's home in the middle of the night? That would have them drag her parents from their home? What would have them desperately searching for her, to keep whatever secret they hide. Her only hope is a lovesick teen with a secret of his own to hide.

Vampire blood. Is it a curse, or is it a blessing? For two people in love it's about to be a little of both.
   Fallen BloodFallen Blood
  Storytellers (Storytellers Saga)Storytellers (Storytellers Saga)
Storytellers: Adept (Storytellers Saga)Storytellers: Adept (Storytellers Saga)
 Shades of TwilightShades of Twilight
 Fallen BloodFallen Blood ...In Paperback

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