Thursday, December 16, 2010 Sex Toy Review: OVER 18 WARNING!

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You can get Emerita OH Warming Lubricant at for 14.00, and it is so worth the price! You can get this lubricant to warm up by blowing on it or applying friction some how. It doesn't get so warm that it would burn you, its a nice comforting warmth. 

I have fallen in love... with a lubricant! Emerita OH Warming lubricant is a smooth and light lubricant that can be used both with partner sex or with toy usage. It isn't at all sticky or greasy. In fact it absorbs into your skin like a massage oil would leaving your skin super soft.

I have very sensitive skin and Emerita OH didn't irritate my skin at all. It is a color less, odor free lubricant, that you won't have to worry about being an irritant. Also you won't have to worry about it dying your skin or clothes. 

This bottle is small enough that you could take it on the go with you. It comes in a small frosted bottle which is housed in a beautiful red box. It has a pop top dispenser on the top of the bottle. It makes it easy to get the lubricant out on to whatever surface you are using it on... without getting it all over everything else. 

It is a smooth lubricant, there is no gritty-ness at all.  If added to a toy it will add just enough glide without being over lubricated and messy. It also sticks to  and coats the toy nicely. This won't come off unless you want it to. You also won't be re-applying it every few minutes. Emerita OH is going to last. We used it for about an hour and never had to re-apply it, which was a great change of pace.

I love Emerita OH Warming Lubricant so much that I have actually told friends to go pick some up. If it wasn't great I definitely wouldn't be spreading the word to go get some!

You can pick up Emerita OH Warming Lubricant at for 14.00 or by CLICKING HERE!


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